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Why would the master brake cylinder make a thrushing noise and no brakes on a 95 Pontiac sunbird and?

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2011-09-13 17:23:55

There may be air in the brake system. Bleed the brakes and see

if this helps. Bleeding the brakes requires two people, a quantity

of new brake fluid, and wrench the correct size to open bleed

valves on brake plates. The brake plate is the flat plate that the

brake mechanisim is mounted on, and has a hose coming to it from

the body of the car. The hose carries the pressure from the master

cylinder to the individual wheel cylinders, and where it connects

to the brake plate there is usually a bleed valve, which is a

hexagonal piece of metal with a hole in it. When the bleed valve is

loosened, it allows brake fluid to drain from the system. If no one

is in the car with their foot pushing the brake pedal to the floor,

air will enter the brake system through the bleed valve. So, have

someone in the car who can push the brake pedal down, open the

hood, and remove the cover from the brake fluid reservoir on top of

the master cylinder. Have the brake pedal pushed down slowly (to

keep the brake fluid from splashing all over the place. Be careful,

brake fluid is highly corrosive!) as the bleed valve is opened, and

held down until the bleed valve is closed. Repeat this procedeure

three times, and then check the fluid level in the reservoir. Add

fluid if necessary and go to the next wheel, which should be the

left rear, as you want to start with the right rear, seeing as it

is the furthest from the master cylinder. Work the right front

after the left rear, and the left front last.

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