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Sounds to me like a plenum leak. You may need to buy a plenum gasket which is fairly cheap. The instalation is a pain in the rear. If you have a mechanic repair it buy the part yourself so they don't over charge and make sure you get a warranty for both mechanic and the part. My dad was a licensed mechanic for over 50yrs.

AnswerThis could be a number of things. The oil after so many miles thins out because viscosity breakdown will eventually break the oil from a syrup to a thin almost runny water type of oil. And if your motor piston rings are bad/cracked/worn out the gas that enters the combustion chambers will go right past the rings and end up in the oil. Its tough to answer online questions about mechanics without actually seeing the vehicle in person. . AnswerAnother thing (what I notice ALOT in the north) when it's very cold outside and you can't start your vehicle and you keep cranking it and cranking it and cranking it.... then you flood it... oops. I find that winter is when oil smells like gas the most (winter happens to be 9 months or so where I live).
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Q: Why would the motor oil be thin and smell like gasoline?
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