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If your oil level is good, then it's either an oil sender going bad, or an oil pump going bad.

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What is the meaning of shaking your head?

shaking your head refers to moving one's head from side to side, usually as a way of saying 'no', though shaking one's head can also imply embarrassment or horror.

If your period starts a day early and was a little lighter than usual could you be pregnant?

no, you should worry when it doesnt start at all, though.

2005 Cadillac STS issues shaking?

I had a minor one, balanced the wheels and it went away, you may also have a tire separation. I have heard of major shaking issues with the CTS though

What happens if you get the meningitis shot twice?

it starts getting sore and it gets red and puffy and get's a little bubble like thing beside it. :) Nothing to worry about though.

Why do bubbles appear in a magic 8 ball when shaken even though there are few or none before shaking?

It could have been shaken on accident many times, or the very small amount of shaking could have done it.

My 3D Tv is producing flicker in 3D mode but in 2D mode it is working fine So Is there any manual setting which I should undergo to cut down the flicker?

Flicker is quite common when we are viewing contents in 3D mode though in 2D mode it works fine. This usually comes when you use active glasses. If you are using passive glasses then you won't experience any flicker and also there would be no health related issues as well. LG uses passive glasses in all its 3D TVs.

Is there a reason for a golden retriever puppies head to be shaking even though it's really hot?

See a vet ASAP.

When does The Vampire Diaries season 3 starts?

It starts in Autumn 2011, there is no confirmed date though. xx

How long does it take for a tornado to touch down?

From when a thunderstorm first starts rotating it can take 30-45 minutes to produce a tornado, though some can become tornadic in as little as 15. Once a tornado starts to form it can touch down in under a minute.

Why do planets flicker in the sky?

Even though it's not apparent to the naked eye, the light from the planet covers some area of sky, so some of it always manages to get through.

What is something that you drink that starts with the letter D?

Desi - not me personally though!

How can you tell if someone is having a seizure?

A person who is having a seizure may either be shaking uncontrollably or be completely unresponsive, as though in a daydream that you can't wake them from.

Is it true if you put scotch tape on a mosquito bite it will stop the itch?

It helps a little for me although it is not instant it takes a few minutes. I leave the tape on for about an hour. It starts itching again in a couple hours though.

When did you though about going to space?

When I was a little kid.

When does NHL hockey season start?

A NHL season starts on offically starts October 6 though not all teams play on this date.

What is the foreclosure of academic studies called?

i do not no. it starts with school though. School closures

Junk food that starts with A?

What about Almond Hershey bars? Even though they are candy.

Island in Philippines that starts with an l?

I believe it is Leyte, not 100% sure though

What is a four letter word for moved though the air that starts with fle?


Can you burn calories by shaking your leg all day?

Yes. You can burn calories just sitting on the couch. That is if you are not feeding your face. Minimal calories burned though.

About how many puritans are there?

Yes, very little though.

What is the word 'little' when translated from English to Japanese?

ryo is dragon in Japanese though

How much do sonogram technicians make?

starts out at 28,000. also depends on where you live though.

Is there a insect that starts with the letter z?

i heard that there is a Zygena fausta. it might not be in the us though.

How do you get pansage in Pokemon white version?

If you picked Tepig, inside the dreamyard. If you didn't pick Tepig, you will find them in Pinwheel Forest. Only in shaking patches of grass though.