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Why would the radio and dashboard lights light up if the car will not turn over not even click just silence?


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2004-11-15 18:47:16
2004-11-15 18:47:16

Check the battery connections. Clean terminals and battery cables. If still no go, check the battery. Might have to replace. Any parts store should be able to do a battery check.


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Acura dashboard light don't work

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Turn on the dashboard lights, and start removing the fuses one by one. When the dashboard light turned off, that is the good fuse. If the dashboard fuse is burnt, start replacing the fuses one by one, and when the dashboard will light up that is the place of the burnt fuse.

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IF it is the all the dash board lights it is probably a fuse, else if it only one light the switch on the is probably gone that lights up that light. There are no dash bulbs a they are LEDS so the chances of them blowing is slim

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It is on the same dial as the dashboard lights. Turn it all the way up until you hear/feel it click.

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