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Do you mean the speedo, or the fuel guage?

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โˆ™ 2006-04-19 17:43:22
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Q: Why would the speedometer in a 89 4Runner stop working after half a tank?
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Why would your speedometer stop working after 30 miles with lights on but not when off?

If this is an electronic unit, the heat generated after the lights are on for one half hour, is affecting the intergrity of the electronic circuit board.

Is there a speedometer cable on a 1999 Dodge Ram turbo diesel and if so where and how do you change it?

there is no speedo cable so if your speedo isn't working you either have a faulty sending unit or the dash half of it is bad

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How do you change spark plugs on passenger side of 1996 Toyota 4runner?

I heard you have to take half the motor apart to get to them.

How do you replace the speedometer cable on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner automatic?

1. Disconnect the cable from the back of the Speedometer. 2. Disconnect it from the Transmission it should be on the driver's side about half way back. 3. Now follow the cable up till you locate where it comes thru the firewall and pull it out. 4. Push the replacement cable thru where the old one came out. 5. Remove the old cable the connect both ends of the new cable and you are done.

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It wouldn't be recommended. The 215 is about three inches taller and almost a half inch wider. Your speedometer would be 7mph off at 65 mph.

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Why doesnt the speedometer and odometer work on my 1988 olds delta 88?

U need a new speedometer cable. It runs from the transmission to the speedometer. They tend to break in half or just seize up after they get so old. They are easy to replace, it takes to people to do it but it is really easy to do. I hope I helped you.

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