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The ball joints are at the end of the control arm, If they have play, the specs will vary and the alignment is not possible. They can also kill you if they break while your driving.

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Why does my Chevy blazer transmission shift hard into first and second gear?

Is it an automatic or manual if it's an automatic you may have a bad u joints and same for manual, as well as synchronizing gears may cause it to be hard to shift. Otherwise i'd say it's your u-joints

What causes inflammation in the joints?

Arthritis is something that can cause inflammation in the joints. Injuries can cause joint inflammation as well.

An std that is in men can cause epididymitis and can also spread to the blood or joints?

Gonorrhea can cause epididymitis and can spread to the blood or joints.

What will happen if you overwork your joints?

overworking your joints may cause tendinitis, an inflammation to your tendons

What are some symthoms that cause arthritis?

sour and stiff joints, deformaity in hands and joints.

What is the term for muscles that cause joints to straighten?

The muscles that cause joints to straighten are called extensor muscles. These muscles include the muscles located at the knees and elbow that help to straighten these body parts. Flexor muscles help joints bend or contract joints.

What happens to a rocket if its fins are not aligned?

It Can Cause The Rocket To Spin Out, and/or wobble of course

What is uncovertebral joint hypertrophy what is the cause?

The uncovertebral joints are in the neck between C3 - C7. These joints are where the discs meet. Hypertrophy in these joints means that an unusually high number of bone spurs are growing there. The most common cause of this is arthritis.

Can coenzyme q10 cause sore joints or arthritis?


Does Rheumatoid arthritis cause subluxation of joints?

Yes it will.

What std can cause a painful swelling of the joints?

Gonorrhea and syphilis can cause swelling of the joints. A disease called Reiter's syndrome, associated with chlamydia as well as non-sexually transmitted diseases, can also cause arthritis.

What is the main reason for having a toe in or toe out on your car?

The purpose of the toe in/toe out adjustment on your vehicle is so that the wheels may be properly aligned. If the wheels are not aligned properly, it will cause poor handling, premature and excessive wear on the mis-aligned tire.

Why do cars have steering wheels why can't they be automatic?

cause if your car went automatic then you could not control it

What causes excruciating finger pain?

Uric acid in the joints can cause this pain and swelling in the joints. Commonly called Gout

What are tracker jackers?

A wasp-like insect that follow pursuers. Hence, the tracker part of their name. They leave large lumps whenever they sting, and cause hallucinations and unconsciousness.

When what muscles contract they cause parts of the body to bend?

When muscles contract they cause joints to bend.

What is a disease that may cause joints to swell or stiffen?


What is the cause of F150 front end shimmy?

ball joints

What is the cause of the arthritis?

wearing down the tissue in-between your joints

What can cause a Chevrolet Tracker 2002 headlight not to turn on?

bulb, switch, fuse, ground.....

What is the effect of excessive weight training exercise on the joints?

Excessive stress to joints can cause joint inflammation and eventually cartilage damage.

What STD can cause epididymitis and spread to the blood or joints?

GonorrheaGonorrheaGonorrheaThis STD is gonorrhea.Syphilis spreads to joints and blood.

What is Degenerative facet joint changes?

Facet joints are the joints which connect the vertebrae to one another. Degeneration of the facet joints is commonly caused by arthritis and is a cause of pain and loss of mobility.

Why would your 1999 Geo Tracker head lights and dash lights blink?

On a 1999 GEO Tracker, a bad fuse can cause the headlights and dash lights to blink. A bad voltage regulator or alternator can also cause lights to blink and flicker.

What is sunkei?

sunkei is a karate punch that involves the movement of 17 joints in the punch to cause massive damage. regular punches require 3 joints in the wrist shoulder and arm but the sunkei is a complex punch that can use up to twenty joints to cause massive truama to the body.