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Why would the transmission not even go into drive in your 2001 Chevy Metro after you changed the transmission filter and put a quart of tranny fluid and lucas back into the tranny afterwards?


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Because one quart of Transmission Fluid isn't enough. Call a Chevy dealership and ask them how much more you need to put in.

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No, it does not have a filter. My daughter just had her tranny oil drained/changed and was surprised to hear that it does not have a filter. Weird.

the transmission filter is in the tranny. you have to drop the tranny pan to get to it.

The transmission filter is on the drivers side of the car on the front of the transmission. You may need to remove the air cleaner to get a good turn on it. Good luck. --------------------------------- Automatic tranny has a filter. Manual tranny does not

There is a screen in the transmission fluid sump but no filter.

The filter is in the transmission pan. Let a reputable mechanic do a tranny flush the proper way.

Just changed transmission filter and had to add tranny fluid back in. Grab a funnel, preferably with a small end that will fit in the (tranny) dipstick tube. Remove the dipstick and add the fluid as needed

transmissions in newer pontiacs are considered to be "non-servicable." meaning you shouldn't have to change the tranny fluid/filter. before finding this info out, i changed the tranny fluid/filter in my 01 grand am and it didn't make a bit of difference.

There is no filter in a manual tranny. if you have an automatic there is still no removable filter in it.

take the pan off the bottom of the tranny the filter is inside

where the tranny filter located on 2009 kia optima

get the fluid changed and a new filter put in the tranny and hope for the best, it's possible the tranny is on it's way out.

In the tranny. You have to remove the tranny pan to get to it. Hope this helps.

you have to take of the tranny of the motor

on 3.1 it is 7qts when changing tranny filter..

Yes! you should flush your transmission fluid at least two or three times a year or when you chanfe your fluid and filter in the tranny.

? Not sure, I do not think there is a filter for the automatic or manual. If is it the 3.0 V6 the tranny filter is located inside the tranny(internal filter). Requires disassembly to replace. I just change the fluid every 20,000.

drain transmiision fluid from transmission, remove bottom oil pan from tranny, and you will see filter there is no pan on bottom of transmission do anyone have the answer?!

== == If it's a manual it has no filter. If it's an automatic it's on the bottom. Pull the pan on the bottom of the tranny and it will be directly above. Inside the transmission.

There is no drain plug. Unbolt the bottom pan of the tranny and pull the filter off.

Yes, more of a filter screen that you should never have to bother with unless your tranny is shredding.

drop the tranny pan and change the filter and after you put it back together add a bottle of Lucas transmission fix.

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