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Why would the turn signal bulb need to be replaced about once every two weeks?


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2015-07-17 17:30:37
2015-07-17 17:30:37

check the wiring for the turn signal, and check the fuse also. if anything bring it to a mechanic, or dealer and have them check it out. also, see if there is any recalls on it. just search for _(car name)_ recalls and you should find a place listing them.

Make sure the bulb socket fits tight in the back of the lense.Make sure the bulb fits tight in the socket.Vibration can cause damage to the bulb if these aren't tight.Also look inside the socket.You will see a couple of contact points for the bulb.Make sure they are not burnt or melted.This can cause too much electrical resistance and damage the bulbs. And make sure the bulbs are dry,no water leakage into the lense or socket.Try not to touch the glass part of the bulb with your fingers.The oil from your hand can cause "hot spots" and damage the bulb.

And don't buy light bulbs from WAL-MART. They are no good, nor are autozone ones.

Moisture may be getting into the assy. This will cause a short lived bulb.


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The Turn Signal Switch is bad in the column and needs to be replaced.

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I would look at the REAR signal light on the same side of the car. It is probably not blinking at all and the bulb needs to be replaced.

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Could be the control stick for the blinkers. If the lights work, try replacing the stick or checking out the signal path for that blinker

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