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either need a blend door accuator or a heater box

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2005-01-12 18:25:36
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Q: Why would there be a clicking sound in the glove box and the heater not blow hot air?
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What would cause a 2002 Alero not to start not even a clicking sound when turning on the key?

security system there is a security reset button in the glove box.

Why would a 1990 Grand Am SE spit and sputter at take off and why would the heater make a clicking sound when turned on but no air blow out?

Needs a tune-up, and bad blower motor.

Why would you be getting a sloshing sound coming from behind the glove box on a 2001 gmc jimmy?

Might be air in the heater coreCheck coolant levelHeater may be airboundevaporator drain may be plugged

Why would a car air conditioner make a clicking sound It makes it intermittenly. The compressor will cut on and off a lot and it makes a clicking sound when it's on?

It is low on freon.

Why would you hear a ticking sound only when the heater is on?

there is a bit of rubish caught in the heater fan.

What do you do when your PlayStation 2 makes a clicking sound?

clicking is never good so i would bring it to someone who has knowledge of playstations.

What would be wrong with a Honda XR80R 1997 if it was making a clicking sound?

Check the oil first, if oil is low it will run good but just have a constant clicking sound on idle.

When Aircondtioner is turned on there is a clicking sound in my 2002 Impala. Clicking stops but aircondtioner quits blowing cold air.?

The clicking sound is your a/c unit trying to engage. I would have freon pressure checked first, if not, a/c unit may be bad

What would cause a clicking sound from a Mercedes 190E?

AnswerIs the clicking sound from the engine? Try to check the oil.If this is happening when you try to start the car, it is most likely a weak battery or a bad starter. Oil would not have anything to do with this problem

What would cause antifreeze to spray out by firewall?

Your heater core behind the glove box has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

What would cause a clicking sound from the front wheel of a rear wheel drive car when the car is driving straight?

When you drive over a clicking bettle.

Why would a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am be making a clicking noise whenever the heater or AC is turned on?

you may have leaves in the fan

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