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My guess is a turn signal flasher, I think it is part # 552 or #323. It is the diameter of a quarter and about 1" long. usually silver in color. Locate it when it makes the noise to confirm it. If it is buy a new one, usually a few bucks. If that is the problem... Flasher? Nope! This'll be a speedometer or a speedometer cable! If the noise is present when the car is motionless, my theory is blown, though. Couldn't it be the heater fan?

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โˆ™ 2009-03-17 17:36:50
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Q: Why would there be a squealing noise from under the dash?
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What would make a squealing noise sounds like its coming from dash but not sure when driving faster than 45 km but only when it is cold?

If your vehicle has a mechanical speedometer it might be your cable rubbing against its casing

When im driving vauxhall vectra 2002 theres a strange sqeaky noise like a pigeon stuck under the dash any clues what it might be and how to solve it?

I think it might be a pigeon under your dash as for solving it, i would suggest to take it out.

What causes a whining noise under the dash when AC or Defroster is used?

Bearing in blower motor?

What wouuld cause a Whistle noise from under dash of dodge durango?

The air conditioners intake it under the passenger side dash all the way in the front. Some times receipts or plastic bags can get sucked up there and cause the noise. -Gary

Thumping noise under dash of 93 Chevy pickup?

Open the glove box and let the squirrel out!!

What is the clicking noise in the dash sounds like blinker?

what clicking noise in the dash of 1997 mercury marquis

Why does your interior lights flash on and off and at the same time you hear a clicking noise under the dash on your 1996 GMC Sierra?

You most likely have a bad relay under the dash. That is what is ticking when the light flashes.

Where is the flasher located on a 1998 Ford Expedition?

I have a 97 and the repair book says it's on the right side of the steering column under the dash. Try turning on the flashers and the noise under the dash should lead you to it.

Climate control has a popping noise in the air heater box under dash and wont switch from heat to air?

The climate control popping noise in the air heater box under the dash that is causing the vehicle to be unable to switch from heat to air is a stuck valve. This value can be opened manually by removing the lower dash cover and reaching behind the glove box.

What is the clicking noise under the driver's side dash on a 2003 Chevy Silverado?

could be the water pump. maybe radiator

Why Ac will not cool full of freon the comp is on and a hissing noise under the dash noise goes away when comp is off?

Check the a/c - heater controller and also check for a vacuum leak.........

Where is the fuse panel for a 1985 El Camino?

The fuse panel on an El Camino of that style is located under the dash, where the driver's left leg would be. There is a square cutout in the under dash panel where it is located. You will have to lean under the dash to see it.

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