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catalytic converter converts some oxides to water, so water not a surprise in and of itself. Is there Antifreeze in your exhaust moisture? are you sure it is antifreeze? are you loosing coolant reservoir level at a measurable rate? Coolant only gets into exhaust by way of the cylinder head developing a leak. from the cooling jacket into the exhaust port of a cylinder. if it was leaking into the combustion chamber, you would have coolant in your oil, and the plug would be fouled with scale. possible to attempt a leak seal with K&N Metal Block Seal, if and ONLY if the leak is NOT into a combustion chamber. Or do the right thing and get the head repaired. Or, have your intake gaskets checked for leaks. On the 3.4 the intake gasket can leak coolant into the engine.

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Q: Why would there be coolant in your exhaust?
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Related questions

Why would coolant be leaking from the exhaust pipe?

coolant from exhaust indicates a blown headgasket or a cracked head on the engine. be sure that it is coolant and not just condensation coming from exhaust before you do repairs

Why would anti freeze leak from exhaust pipe?

A blown head gasket could allow coolant to enter the combustion chamber from the water jacket. The coolant probably is running out the exhaust on first start-up. More often, you will notice the coolant being pumped out of the overflow as the exhaust gas pressurizes the coolant. You should look for this symptom when the engine warms up. Coolant in the exhaust on start-up and then the coolant overpressure overflow from the expansion tank or radiator happening together is almost sure indication of the head gasket failure.

Why would there be exhaust fumes coming out of coolant jug?

The head gasket is blown.

Why would coolant leak from your muffler?

Coolant leaking out from exhaust is bad news, probably a cracked head or bad head gasket or both. Be sure it is coolant that is leaking and not just plain water. Plain water is normal to drip out the exhaust, it's caused by condensation.

99 cadillac antifreeze keeps running low?

it sounds like your coolant over flow tank is leaking. it is a common problem with these cars. might also check your radiator for leaks or your exhaust for coolant, but if there is coolant in your exhaust that would mean blown heads

Would coolant leak from the head if it is a blown headgasket?

yes, and also usually there will be white smoke in the exhaust.

What can cause white smoke and gas spitting out the exhaust?

I know the white smoke would be caused by coolant, which would be leaking into the combustion chamber.

How do you know if the exhaust is getting in the coolant When you have the radiator cap off before the car warms up there are lots of bubbles?

If your exhaust is getting in your coolant, you have a reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy major malfunction.

Why is water coming from exhaust on a 1991 Chevrolet Suburban?

That is condensation due to the exhaust system being cold and the heat from the engine makes the exhaust system / pipes sweat. As the exhaust system heats up then that will stop. Now you said WATER not antifreeze. If you had engine coolant running out of the exhaust then it would be the color of the antifreeze and it would be steaming WHITE and then you would have an engine problem, MAYJOR. You said water. Drive it you have no problems. That is normal.

Why would there be smell coming from the front of the car?

Could be overheated coolant or just leaked oil burning off your exhaust headers

Why would there be white smoke coming out of a 1995 Crown Victoria exhaust?

Also losing coolant i believe. That would most likely be head gaskets. And hopefully only that.

Why is white smoke coming out of exhaust coolant level high?

Bad head gasket? Oil mixing with coolant?

In a 1997 Chevy 350 v8 is there a coolant hose going the exhaust manifold and what is it called?

NO there is not, That would be a AIR tube line for the emission system.

2004 Chevrolet Silverado- coolant loss but no visable leak?

Without more investigation, the first probable cause would be a Head or Intake gasket leak. Allowing the coolant to seep into the combustion chamber and evaporating out the Exhaust

Why would you loose coolant but not notice it in the oil or leaking outside of the carIt even now is almost empty?

Sometimes, when head gaskets go bad, the coolant will be burnt off out of the exhaust system. That may not be noticeable at all.

Do head gasket reconditioners work?

If you are only leaking coolant into the exhaust and use the type with copper in it, then yes, it should stop the leak. If coolant is getting into the oil or exhaust is getting into the radiator then no, none of them will do any good.

Whats wrong if a 1992 Lexus es300 engine coolant bubbling?

headgasket leak and exhaust gas is getting into the coolant

Why would coolant and gas mix?

Coolant can mix with the gas in the combustion chamber. This will happen if you have a blown head gasket or cracked head. Symptoms are white sweet smelling smoke at the exhaust, loss of coolant with no apparent leak, miss on one or more cylinders, & loss of power.

Green smoke from the exhaust?

Black smoke is overly rich fuel/air mixture. Blue smoke is oil burning. White smoke is coolant in the combustion chamber. I have never seen green smoke coming from an auto exhaust. The only thing I would suspect is that this is coolant in the combustion chamber caused by a blown head gasket. If it smells sweet and you are loosing coolant with no apparent leak, then you have a blown head gasket or cracked head.

Can a leaking intake gasket cause coolant to flow into the exhaust system?


Why is coolant getting into my exhaust?

Sounds like bad head gasket.

How do you test for exhaust fumes in the coolant?

You need a special tester called a block check. You fill it with a special fluid and then use it to suck fumes out of the radiator . if the fluid turns yellow it means there is exhaust gasses in the coolant.

What would make antifreeze blow into your exhaust pipe?

Are you getting white smoke from the exhaust even with the engine warmed up ? If so , you are getting engine coolant into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket , a warped or cracked cylinder head

What would make a 1999 olds alero keep running hot?

Thermostat, low coolant, inoperable fan, exhaust leak close to engine bay

Your exhaust emits white smoke and drops of water even when engine warms up but no loss of coolant or overheating?

If there is no overheating or loss of coolant, most likely it is due to condensation in the exhaust system (pretty normal in cool or rainy weather).