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Brakes can cause your tires to appear to have smoke coming off of them. If you drive with your foot slightly on the brake pedal with a car equipped with power brakes (most are), you are applying the brakes enough to cause considerable heat.

Are you sure the tires are smoking, and not the brakes? In any case, it is too dangerous to drive.

Your tires are probably not smoking but your brakes are. Mine were smoking the other day and it was because the caliper was stuck which can happen after you have just put new brakes on the car. Be careful because you can ruin your rotors, tires, and brakes.

It can also be caused by high horsepower. In my 1985 Trans Am with a built 350 in it, if I depress the accelerator down too aggressively, I notice a very thick white cloud of smoke simply pouring off my rear tires. It's the strangest thing... This can also occur during hard shifts between gears...

This often happens if the vehicle has been operating with the parking brake partially set. Brakes can become extremely hot and can cause checking of the brake shoes or brake pad materials. If this occurs, the brakes should be inspected to make certain that they are still funcitonal. If the heat has migrated through the wheel and onto the tire causing the tire to smoke as well, the tire is probably beyond help. In a situation like that, the tire should be removed and the bead should be inspected. If the bead is black, and no other damage is detected, the tire is probably ok. If the bead is grey, the tire is probably damaged and is unsafe.

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Q: Why would tires smoke?
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