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Why would turning on the defroster heat up the car?

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diagnose this with a book... everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional manual the reference section, you'll have to make copies of the important sections...good luck :)

2006-07-19 21:03:01
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Q: Why would turning on the defroster heat up the car?
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Why is Car is purring when defroster is turned on?

It is probably the sound of the defroster fan.

What car device changes electrical energy into heat?

Electrically heated seats, wing mirror defrosters and rear window defroster.

If there was an ice storm and you wanted to get in your car or turn it on how would you do that?

Pour hot water (not boiling) over the key hole and door seams, gain access immediately and turn on defroster and turn heat

Does the heating element on a rear car defroster heat up enough to clear morning dew?

It should if the system is in good working order.

What car had the first rear window defroster?

The 1953 Lincoln was the first car that had a rear window defroster. It also was the first car to have an optional 4 way power seat.

Who is at fault when a car avoid hitting turning car and hit car coming head on?

that would be the car turning because the car that had to swerve to avoid it hit another vehicle due to the turning car's failure to yield.

How do you get heat out of defroster on 1996 beretta?

First you start the car. Then you let it idle or drive it until it reaches operating temp. Finally you turn the heater on to the defrost setting.

Should you warm up your car engine before turning the heat on inside the cabin?

The engine would heat up quicker without the heater on but ever so slightly, so it probably doesn't matter.

The defroster of you car is a pattern of thin metal strips across the glassWhy are there wires conected to both ends of metal strips?

This is to provide electrical current to heat the thin strips.

Why is there a ticking sound when turning?

that would be the car indicator signal! that tells other drivers which direction your turning!

Why does your car air conditioner keep terning on?

If you have the defroster in the on position the ac will do that.

What things are in a car that start with w or on a car?

windshieldwheelwater pumpwindowwindow defroster

93 ford escort wagon when you turn the defroster on the air blows out the vents instead of on the the top of the dashboard?

Because it's not a defroster button! It's just the symbol for ventilating the air into the car. It shoudln't be called a defroster since defrosting is meant by heating up the coils that you see at the back of the car. I'm pretty no car has wires in the front!

The heat is not coming out of your car at all the dials are switched on and in the red area but nothing is coming out you was wondering what the problem could be your rear defroster works but nothing?

it is probably a bad heater core

Why would your car not have heat?

thermostat is frozen.

Why would your car overheat and lose power when you turn on the heat?

Turning the heat on would actually lower the engine temperature. It's a well known trick if your car starts to overheat. Having the A/C on causes a power loss to operate the compressor, which would also cause engine temperature to go up due to the hot air from the condensor going through the radiator.

Can you use a 110v heater in a car?

NO the heat would be to strong and the insides where the heat comes out would melt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is turning circle in car?

That would be the inside diameter of the circle created by turning the steering wheel completely left or right.

Why does your car jerk when you use the defroster or air condisher?

When the air conditioner comes on, which includes turning on the defroster at low temeprature ranges, it draws a lot of power from the engine. This can result in a decrease in idle speed and less available power on starting off from a start. This is often felt as a shaking or jerking. It is possible that the idle is low or that there are problems preventing full power.

What would cause a car to thump when turning left?

Is it a loud thump like something has hit under the car?

Does using the heater in your car affect gas mileage?

Only if your defroster uses the A/C, otherwise heater will not effect gas mileage. The heater uses the waste heat from coolant used to cool the engine, so has no extra load on the engine. The heat was going to waste anyway. You are just diverting it into the car instead of outside.

What does a car defroster do?

Defrost the windshields so you can see where you are going. Useful in icy climates.

How much would it cost to fix the heat shield on your car?

Which heat shield? There are several.

How do you keep frost off windshield?

The night before, when you park your car, face it towards the east. Run the defroster full blast on its highest setting for 4 minutes before turning off the car, and then ge tout quickly to trap the heat inside. Finally, right before leaving the vehicle, climb on the hood and lick the entire outer surface of the windshield. This will keep frost from forming in the morning and you will have a perfectly clear windshield.

What parts of the car are influenced by airflow?

Well, on part is the engine. It makes so much heat, there is a fan in it to cool it down. That is why whenever you start a car, it shakes. That is the fan turning on.