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Why would water accumulate on passenger floor of 1996 jeep wrangler?

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the heater core has got a hole in it or your top has a hole init. If the water is green it is your heater core. if not it is your top.

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Water leaking on passenger floor in Mazda protege?

Are you running the air conditioner? If the drain line is plugged, it will leak water (condensation) onto the passenger side floor.

What causes water to accumulate in the passenger floor board of a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 and how do you fix it?

Bad heater core? replace Evaporator drain plugged if A/C equipped - try to unplug from under vehicle

Why would water accumulate on the passenger side floor of your 2002 Honda Civic every time you use the AC or defrost and is this something you could fix on your own?

The air conditioneer drain is probably plugged. or the drain has been icked and is disconected from the pan so it is draining directly onto the floor

Water in your passenger side floor of your 2000 Lincoln Continental?

heater core may be leaking or hole in floor

Leaking ac water on passenger floor?

There is a drain on the outside firewall that is clogged.

Why is your vw passat passenger floor is wet?

Is it blood, oil, water, or urine?

Why does water accumulate on the floor of your 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan when the AC is on?

A/C condenser drain line is stopped up. This is allowing the water to enter the cabin. Crawl under the van and find the drain line. Usually located near the firewall passenger side. Clean out the drain tube.

Why is 2003 impala water on passenger floor?

you could have a heater core leaking or your windshield is leaking and the water is running down behind the dash and onto the floor.

Why does water accumulate on the passenger side floor board and water is leaking out of the fan motor and the AC condenser is not getting cold on a 2000 Chevy Impala?

Stopped up condenser drain line, unless this water is coolant. In that case it is a leaking heater core. Coolant tastes and smells sweet. Crawl under the car and look for a drain line on the passenger side, near the firewall. Clean this out with a blunt pencil.

What causes water on passenger floor board of 2005 Chevrolet impala?

Heater. Core

Why do you have water in the passenger floor of your 1997 Pontiac grand prix?

bad heating core

Why does your Ford Taurus get water on the passenger side floor?

Probably have a leak in the heater core>

What causes water vapor on the floor of the passenger side of a 2001 S-10?

Water on the passenger side floor would be a plugged up AC drain. The drain is located under the hood, at the lowest point on the HVAC box on the firewall. However if the floor is wet with engine coolant, the heater core is leaking.

Why is there water leaking onto the passenger side floor of your 96 Honda accord?

Condensation from air conditioning?

Why would water leak onto the passenger side floor of a 2001 expedition?

Maybe a bad heater core

How does water get on the passenger side floor of a Chevy Beretta Z26?

clogged drainage hole in the cowl (under the wipers)...

Why would water be seeping into the cab through the floor right in front of the passenger seat?

heater core leaking

1998 catera water passenger side floor?

If drainage is plugged under the grille adjacent to windshieldwipers, the water will drain into the floor of the front passenger seating area. Remove the grille and clear the plug. To avoid recurrence of this problem, clear leaves and other materials laying on the grille. Mike

How come I am getting water in the passenger floor board in a 2001 dodge Dakota?

this could be from the heater core. When the heater core goes out it leaks....right into the passenger side floor board If it is water, not coolant, the problem could be a plugged air conditioner drain. Easily accesible from under the hood.

Why would water accumulate on the driver side floor of Pontiac Transport SE 1996?

If it is just water and not coolant, then more than likely the A/C drain line is plugged. Crawl under the car, passenger side, and find the drain line near the firewall and unclog it. If it is coolant then your heater core is leaking and needs replacing. Test the water and if it smells or taste sweet it is coolant.

You have water leaking on the passenger side floor on your 1998 gmc c1500?

when your heater core is shot it will leak on the passenger side of vehicle and your windshield will fog up most of the time

2002 Jeep Wrangler water leaking on the floor board after rain?

what kind of top do you have on the Jeep? If you have a sunroof, check the drains. They run on both sides of the sunroof down the door jams and go out of the floor boards.

Why is there water standing in the floor boardon the passenger side of your 1995 jeep?

because your heater core has a leak or the hose is broken

Diagram of heating system for 1997 dodge grand caravan?

Water is leaking on passenger side floor board when heat is on

Where is 1998 Toyota Camry aircondition water drain?

Check the front passenger floor pan toward the fire wall.