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A damaged heater core will cause coolant or water to leak onto the passenger floorboard.

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Q: Why would you find coolant on your passenger side floorboard?
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Ecu location on 1990 Mazda mpv 3.0 liter?

Its pretty much under the floorboard of the passenger side. Start ripping the carpet up where the passenger puts their feet and you'll find it.

How do i find a coolant leak on the front passenger side of a 1996 ford Taurus lx?

Have the coolant system pressure tested, the pressure test will increase the coolant leak.

What do you do to stop water from leaking onto the passenger floorboard when the air conditioner is operating?

The condensor drain tube is clogged. Find the drain line and unclogg it.

Where is the ecu on a 1988 Honda Civic?

It's under the carpet at the front passenger floorboard. Pull up the carpet a little from the top and you'll see a small glass window directly on the floorboard in the middle which contains a flashing red light when the key is on accessory mode. Count the flashes to find the trouble code.

What is wrong my 1997 Expedition has a leak at the back of the engine on the passenger side not inside the car but you smell coolant through the vents?

How To Find & Fix Coolant Leaks

Why would water accumulate on the driver side floor of Pontiac Transport SE 1996?

If it is just water and not coolant, then more than likely the A/C drain line is plugged. Crawl under the car, passenger side, and find the drain line near the firewall and unclog it. If it is coolant then your heater core is leaking and needs replacing. Test the water and if it smells or taste sweet it is coolant.

What does it mean if you have steam coming out of your vents when you have the heat on?

It means you have a leaky heater core. You may also find the front passenger floor wet with engine coolant.

What would cause a coolant leak in a Dodge Intrepid?

you have to find where the leak is first.

I can't find coolant leak but am still losing coolant on my Chevy where would I look?

Losing coolant in a vehicle is not a good thing. It is best to check all seals and all bends in tubing.

How do you keep the air conditioner from leaking inside the front passenger floor board of a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

If you are sure it is water and not coolant, then the A/C Condenser drain line is stopped up. You will find it near the firewall on the passenger side. Look for a tube under the Jeep. If it is coolant, which will taste sweet, your heater core is leaking and must be replaced.

What does it mean when you find oil in the coolant on a 1998 Volvo s70?

Are you sure it is not transmission fluid? Oil in the coolant would indicate a bad head gasket

Where is computer located on 84 944 Porsche?

It is under the passenger side floor board. To get to it, remove the floor mat. The carpet is attached to the floorboard by velcro at the top. Pull the carpeting down, and the plywood floorboard is visible. There are 2 Philips head screws, and two large flathead plastic screws. Remove them, and pull on the plywood. You will find the DME (fuel injection) and KLR (ignition) control units attached to a metal frame below.

Where can one find information on Coolant fans?

One can find information on Coolant fans many places. You can find information on Coolant fans from advertisements, such as commercial's. You can also find information online including there primary site.

Where would you find the engine coolant temp sensor on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee?


Where is the oil filter on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee?

Find the Engine Coolant tank on the front passenger side of the engine bay. Look straight down into the gap/space between the Engine Coolant tank and the main engine block. You will see a small tube-shaped oil filter sticking out from the bottom of the engine block area. On the 4.0L it is on the passenger side of the middle of the block. On the 4.7L it is on the driver side front of the engine.

What can cause water leaking from my mk5 fiesta?

Water, not coolant? The only place plain water can be found on a car is when it condensates from the air conditioning, if the drain hose is plugged it will overflow into the passengers side floorboard. Get a piece of wire and find the tube under the car at the firewall and unplug it.

Why would the heater in a 1997 Hyundai Elantra start blowing cooler air?

check your coolant level. most times its from a coolant leak in the system.pressurize the cooling system to find the leak.

Why would your 2004 chev cavalier have a wet floorboard on the drivers side only?

You have a leak either around your windshield or in the firewall. The best way to find the leak is to bring it through a car wash and watch it

How do you Find club car golf cart year model?

There will be a model and serial number plate where the floorboard meets the dash.

On a 1993 olds cutlass supreme where would you find the blower or heater fan?

At the firewall on the passenger side

Where do you find the inertia button that you can reset after an accident on a 93 F150?

It is about 18 inches from the floorboard on the pass side firewall inside the cab.

Passenger list for the titanic?

You can find a passenger list at Encylopedia Titanica.

2002 Chevy silverado cant find where coolant leaking from how do i find coolant leak?

pressurize the system. that'll make the leak leak faster and you should be able to find it easier.

Where on a 94 Ford Taurus can i find a Heater core?

It is called a Heater Core not Cord. It is located inside the vehicle mounted on the firewall on the passenger side. It is buried behind the dash components. If you raise the hood and look on the firewall, passenger side, you will see the inlet and outlet coolant hoses connected to the Heater Core.

What kind of coolant do you usr for a 1998 Toyota camrey?

You can use universal coolant which you can find in any auto parts store, or you can use a coolant for Japanese card, or you can go and get coolant at a local Toyota dealer.