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Need more info first. Does the dash panel light up? Meaning there is fire to the car when the ign. switch is turned on but not to the starter. If not then the ignition switch on the steering column should be replaced. If the dash has electricity with the key on but no clicking or noise from the starter until several trys then the starter has a bad connection on the wires going to it or it is an internal connection problem. Solution then is to clean the connections where the wires connect to the starter, if that doesn't help then replace the starter.

There is a recall on the fuel pump - my SE had the classic symptoms - stalling around corners, hard to start, etc. Go to your Ford dealer and have them check your VIN for any recalls or TSB's. Good Luck - now, I have to go replace my water pump...sigh.

I'll go along with the first reponse. I have seen starter trouble with these fine pieces of machinery.

First I thought it must be the battery. After replacing that, I still had the problem. It turned out I had to replace may alternator. Now it works great.

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Q: Why would you have to turn the key 6 to 8 times to start your 2000 Ford Focus Wagon SE?
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