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Why would you hear a POP sound at the rear of the exhaust when you release the accelerator quickly?

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well that is what you call backfirewich is caused by alot of things hole in exaust to to much fuel going through but more than likely it sounds like a timing prob!!! so check those sources first.....

2011-09-13 17:25:50
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Why do you get a backfire sound when you get off the accelerator of your Dodge van?

you have a leak in the exhaust system lets in air

What would cause a knocking sound underneath when you let off the brake and hit accelerator on a 1999 Toyota Solora?

loose exhaust pipe or muffler is most common

When was Accelerator - The Future Sound of London album - created?

Accelerator - The Future Sound of London album - was created in 1992.

What is a PCI audio accelerator?

It's a PCI sound Card

How to make exhaust sound louder cheaply?

exhaust tip or glasspack it

How do you make a mustang sound mean?

By adding a dual exhaust and/or exhaust headers either short or long tubes for sound and performance

What is the cause of a knocking sound when applying the accelerator?

your car being broke get it checked out

How can you make the exhaust sound deeper?

Put in a Borla cat-back exhaust, you will be greatly satisfied.

How can you make loud exhaust sound louder?

Attach a bigger sports exhaust, simpler enough

Why does a soda can make a popping sound when opened?

The compressed, and corbonated air release quickly, making that lovely POP.

Chevy impala is making a muffling sound when driving?

Exhaust leak at Exhaust manifold to head gasket or oring at exhaust manifold pipe.

Does the size of exhaust tips change the sound?


Do exhaust tips make the exhaust sound deeper?

Well, any change to flow of the exhaust gases will change their sound. That said, how much of a change in sound depends on how much you change the flow. Tips, normally go over an exhaust pipe and perhaps extend it a very small amount. It is unlikely this would cause much change...up or down.

What is the exhaust system?

The exhaust system is what muffles the engine sound keeps the fumes out of vehicle and away from the vehicles occupants and also filters the exhaust fumes out.

A sound wave will travel most quickly in what?

A sound wave can travel mor quickly in water than in air

Was driving and the car made a higher sound and then the accelerator gave out .?

your transmition is either about to break or broke.

Why does my truck sound like a motorcycle?

Leak in the exhaust system?

How do you make the exhaust sound deeper?

buy a performance muffler

How does a muffler work?

It muffles the sound of exhaust rushing out the pipes

What would cause a ringing sound at high rpm?

a dining sound could be lose nuts on the exhaust

Does cutting down your exhaust pipe save on gas mileage or just make your exhaust sound louder?

no lol its just louder it adds 50 hp what if the twin exhaust is the some size of the single exhaust

What is the best sounding exhaust for a Dodge RAM v10?

Sound quality is of course subjective, but I like the exhaust note of the Flow Master brand mufflers...not too loud, but definitely a performance sound.

What is the purpose of the exhaust manifolds?

It carries the exhaust away from each cylinder and routes it to the exhaust pipe where it flows to the catalytic converter and then to the muffler where the sound is deadened. It then flows from the muffler to the tailpipe where it is released into the atmosphere.

When you press the gas pedal it makes a weird sound from the exhaust?

When a weird noise comes from the exhaust after stepping on the gas pedal, it could mean that there is a hole in the exhaust pipe. Sometimes the exhaust pipe will rust and need to be replaced.

Why does the engine rev up when you push in the clutch sometimes and your foot is not on the accelerator you think it is the accelerator sticking How do you get this checked?

I think that happens when you are changing gears. If you make the engine goes to 3000 rpm and suddenly release the gas pedal and rapidly press down the clutch pedal. The rev would up. With very noisy sound. Isn't it?