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Could be the check valve I believe that is in the fuel filter is stuck open and letting the fuel in the line siphen back to the tank.

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What can you do to increase hp on a 1988 v6 firebird?

replace the engine with a small block chev

Will a flywheel from a 350 chev petrol engine fit a 6.2 chev diesel engine?

No it will not, not even close.

Will the distributor from a 1986 chev half ton 305 chev fit a 1989 305 chev engine?

yes, HEI distributor

Can a 87 350 chev engine go in a 75 1 ton chev with a 305?


When installing a chev engine does the Oldsmobile rear end need replacement?

They are both GM products why would you?

Was their a small journal 350 Chev engine?


Why does my 2002 chev S-10 turns over but will not start?

2002 chev S-10 will turn over but not start.

What is the spark plug wire route for 1988 chev K1500?

Most important--and one of my favorite questions in life--what size engine? Check out for good visuals.

1997 Chevrolet Malibu doesn't start but then if relay is wiggled by engine under hood car starts can this be fixed?

1997 chev Malibu doesn't start but then if relay is wiggled by engine under hood car starts can this be fixed

What is the tire size for A 1988 chev blazer from the factory?


Would a turbo 350 bolt to a 305 oldmobile?

The Oldsmobile block is a different Bell housing pattern than the Chev But Most 305 were the Chev engine regardless what GM product they popped up in

What would cause a 1990 Chev lumina to flood when cold starting it?

if you press the pedal to much that is what can cause the engine to flood

Where is the engine air pump located on a S10 chev 2001 truck?

If it has one it would be driven off of the accessory belt.

What would cause a 94 chev to start when cold but not when warm?

look at the ignition module. a known trouble spot.

Were is the Distribitor Coil on a 1988 Chev PU located?

On top of the distributor cap.

Is a 1990 chev. lumhttpwiki.answers.comsearchqis plus a plus 1990 plus chev plus lumina plus a plus interfincers plus engainina a interfaces engine?

Need to know what size engine you have to tell you if it is an interference engine or not.

How many horsepower is a 4.3 chev engine?

320 h.p.

Location of oil pressure switch 85 Chev?

If it's a Chev V8, then it's at top rear of the engine, next to distributor.

Is a 454 Chev engine from a motor home the same as a car engine?

probably not, there will be some diderences. Such as different intake, or something like that. If you needed an engine for your RV I would go with another engine from a truck rather than a car engine.

Will a stp s5 oil filter fit a chev 350 engine?

Yea it does! Also fits 1998 chev 5.0 litre enginec

What would cause a 1989 Chev 305 to turn over but not start?

Would likely be caused by a lack of fuel, lack of air, or lack of spark.

What does fuel pump relay do on 1988 chev truck?

Starts and stops the fuel pump.

How many cubic inches in a Chevy 6.2 liter engine?

The 6.0 L Chev engine is 364 cubic inches , so a 6.2 L would be around 376/378 ?

Is the 5.7 350 engine on a 1995 chev van aluminum or steel?

That year would be ALL cast iron. Now the intake is aluminum.

What is the problem with a 1999 Chev Tahoe it will run fine for about three months then the next day will not start if you give it a day or so it will then start up the next day without any problem?

It has chewing gun in the engine

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