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Basics first, fuses, relays, and battery connections, also, is everything else working, ignition switch, fuseable links ok, etc...for more check out the library for a shop manual..:) Your vats system (vehicle anti-theft system) could be activated. When the resistor on the key is not read, it will disable the fuel pump. You just might need a new key.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-22 04:46:04
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Q: Why would you not be getting power to the fuel pump in a Pontiac Trans Am?
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Why would the starter on a 1977 trans am not be getting power?

Have you checked the ignition switch on the column . I had to replace the one in my 1977 Trans Am.

How would a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am cost?

Go to manheim and see.

Is using a locking gas cap recommended on a Pontiac trans am?

It would do just as fine on a Trans Am as on any other car.

Is a Pontiac g8 gt a sports car?

No. It has 4 doors and my trans am would smoke it.

What does trans mean?

Trans can mean two things that I'm aware of: Trans is a shortened form of the word Transmission. And it can also mean across. For example, the Pontiac Trans Am would mean across America, the trans American.

What are trans am parts and how will they help me get drunk?

Trans Am parts would simply be parts from a Pontiac Trans Am, potentially used in restoration, or maintenance to keep the car running or looking good.

How much would a transmission cost for a 1995 Pontiac trans am?

If it's an automatic your looking at $2,500 installed.

Could you inform me about trans am for sale?

There is a 1976 Pontiac Trans am on eBay for a good price that you could look into. I would suggest looking into craigslist and seeing what is available in your area.

Will a steering wheel from a1994 Pontiac grand am fit a 1994 firebird trans am?

I have not found anything that would indicate they they are interchangable

How do you get to the trans pressure control valve on a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville?

It is inside the side cover of the transmission. I have seen this with the trans still in the car but it would have been easier to take the transmission out to repair it.

What size wheel do you need for a 1979 Pontiac trans am with p24560r15 tires?

That will mount fine on a 7" wheel...but and 8 would be better.

Why would a 95 Pontiac Grand Am GT Sport Sedan have white stuff in the radiator?

TAke it to a garage and have someone look at it. The cooler for the trans may have ruptured and is leaking fluid in the rad and coolant in the trans.

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