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Why would your 1994 Ford Taurus not start in Park or Neutral until after you have shifted through all the gears?


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2005-01-25 10:03:45
2005-01-25 10:03:45

I'm having a similar problem with my car. There is a linkage from the shifter stick in the car to the transmission. Here in this area we have had severe fluctations in weather from nice and warm (65 deg F) to about freezing bloody cold (-10 deg F) and my linkage has shrunk and expanded. With my car, a 1989 Plymouth Horizon with a 3 speed automatic transmission I need to put the car into park, then under the hood, trace the wire to the linkage. Then I loosen the lock and pull the linkage forward towards the front of the car. Tighten down the lock and its done. Check your service manual or Haynes manual for how to do it specifically for your car. --Bobwars


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You lost me when you shifted gears. The load shifted when we took that last turn too quickly.

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Squeeze in the clutch lever. To go from Neutral to 1st, you squeeze in the clutch and on most bikes press down on the shift pedal. To get to 2nd through 6th, squeeze the clutch, and lift firmly up on the pedal. Lift up as far as it will go, otherwise you will have shifted into Neutral.

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I shifted gears to gain more power driving up the steep, mountain road.

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check and see if your brakelights are working if notreplace brakelight switch or broken wire to brake switch. the brake light signal releases the shift locksolenoid its so little kids cant pull the lever to drive whenidiot parents leave the car running

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neutral safety switch will stop vehicle from starting in all gears except park and neutral.

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