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Could be a vacuum leak

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Q: Why would your 2002 eclipse shake and sometimes stall when braking hard?
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96 ford contour and when the car is either in gear or just idaling it has a bad shake sometimes it will even stall out what do you look for or how do you fix it?

try using fuel injector cleaner.

How do you get lots of furniture on animal crossing DS?

DUHH you go to the store and there should be a tom nooks its a store with furniture or you shake trees but sometimes bee hives fall out There are many ways, buy it from tom nooks stall, sometimes it comes out of a tree if you shake it, friends sometimes give you it when you talk to them, check the lost and found and check in the recycling bin.

Why would a car stall when braking only once in a while?

bad booster pump or air in brake lines

Why would a Subaru Forester shake and stall when coming to a stop?

cause it's junk

Why would a 2002 Montero Sport shake and stall out when brought to a stop but only every now and then?

Several things can cause your car to stall and shake when you stop. Replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires may cure the problem.

What would cause a dodge Dakota to stall under braking?

if it is automatic then this would be caused by shift down is not working in transmission

Why does car shake and stall?

Travelling to slow in a high gear, so clutch in and lower the gear.

Why does a vitara shake when running idle and stall even when braking?

The engine could be running rough for several reasons. If possible, run computer codes to see if a problem show up. Check the spark plugs for consistent color and wear. If one looks different then there is a problem with the system for that cylinder.

Why would a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse stall when you slow down?

I had the same problem with my Eclipse it was the spyder turbo i had put cheap gas in it. went to 93 octane had no problems.

Why does a 1999 Pontiac Transport stall when braking coming to a stop.?

Perhaps a vacuum leak or bad vacuum check valve in power brake booster

Why would a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird shake and stall out when the engine gets hot?

Does it shake and stall when decellerating or at anytime? because mine seems to do that but its only when decellerating at a stop light or stop sign or whever and it dont always do it.. only after long drives. (1992 Pontiac Sunbird). It might be a bad EGR Valve.

What causes a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville to stall while slowing or braking but starts right back up?

This was originally my question. It ended up being the fuel pressure regulator.

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