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Honda uses hydraulicaly engaged clutches in the rear differential. To ensure that the response time of engaging and disengaging the drive force to a wheel, the tolerances for these are very narrow. What you are most likely hearing is the clutch rubbing because it is almost engaged due to the difference in wheel speed because of your turn. This may be a sign of low rear differential fluid or that your rear diff is wearing out. It may also be that you have a pinched line. There are little lines that carry hydraulic fluid to sensors that then mechanically activate the clutches. This noise is kind of like the bad burn out sound on the original Dukes of Hazzard show when they were on dirt. Another sound related to turning and grinding is that your CV joints are really worn out. This should be a very repetitive noise that you can make happen by turning tight complete circles in a paved parking lot at slow speeds. Hope this Helped

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Q: Why would your CRV make grinding noises when making tight turns?
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2004 Grand Am Serious grinding noise from front right wheel when making sharp left turns parking etc- no other symptoms?

97 grand am rubbing/grinding noise from right front that is not wheelbearing or brakes

Why does a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix makes thumping noises when accelerating or making turns?

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change rear diff fluid - Honda kind

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need to replace rear diff oil,use genuine oil only,will fix problem.

Why is a wheel making a thudding clicking or knocking sound during moderate to tight right turns?

Could be a wheel bearing, better have it checked out soon before the wheel departs from the vehicle.

What is causing a grinding sound on hard right turns?

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Noise in front end passenger side 1999 ford windstar?

Could be that the strut needs replacement, or possibly a CV joint (if you hear noises during tight turns, pops and clicking). Otherwise, possible loose ball joint, improperly balanced tire, etc. Hope this helps.

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Possible problems on a 2000 Focus with grinding noise before and after new brakes?

I had a similar experience with my Windstar - lots of pad material left, but still grinding after new pads & shoes. Turns out the rotors were bad. :( Btw, I just replaced the rotors without finding out if a simple turning would have eliminated the grinding.

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What is the name of an additive that could be put in a power steering pump on a Honda that would stop a squealing noise when making turns?

I Would Suggest A Product Made By LUCAS POWER STEERING TREATMENT. Worked Great For Me. Hey Another Thing Your Belt May Not Be Tight, Have Your Power Steering Belt Checked. If making turns causes your P.S.P to squeal, it may be low on fluid. Try adding p.s.p fluid.

When you make left hand turns your right front tire makes thumping noises what could that be?

Check the mudflap on the right front tire

My 2004 CRV has just begun to make grinding or rubbing sounds when making tight turns?

Check CV joints, brakes, bearings to start. Probably in that order. If you have oversized or non-standard tires they could be rubbing. More probable: change the fluid in the rear differential. Honda sells a special fluid for this purpose. This is quite approachable and fast as a DIY project. The hardest part will be finding the top and bottom fill plugs and getting them loose the first time.