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Why would your V-6 Montero crank but not start when the tach shows 1500 RPM and the ignition switch is on?


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2006-10-29 19:16:16
2006-10-29 19:16:16

Beware of engine ECU (Engine Control Unit) memory wipe out after total battery loss - you may not be able to crank as the throttle correction history dat has been lost - on automatic transmission try to add idle RPM with your right foot when pressing the brake with the tip of your left foot and drive with two pedals (gentle with braking!) to the next repair shop which can re-calibrate the ECU. good luck david (Pajero 1995 3.0L V6) check the distributor, or the coil, had a mustang 5.0 that did the same thing. good luck Mine does the same thing, but I've never put a Tach on it. What I have found is that it does it when it is hot and after it has been driven for a while. the temporary solution I've found is with the ingnition cranked, shifting from park to neutral will start the car . The Haynes manuel says that it is the Neutral start switch, but I have yet to try and replace it. hope that helps. My Montero is a 93. Greg


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Defective ignition switch, loose or corroded battery cables, starter connection, bad battery cable, or the battery can be bad even though it shows a full charge.

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If the 93 Stealth came with a crank sensor but it does not have one now, then it will not start. The sensor shows the ignition coil when to send power to the spark plugs.

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If this connection is used, it is generally connected to the light in the dash that shows alternator fault (NOT the voltage gauge!) and then through the ignition switch to the positive battery terminal.

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Get inside the car close driver door switch ignition key on but don't start the engine push night panel once till LCD shows doors only wait till LCD turns off switch ignition off then on and start the engine switch ignition off and remove the key get out the car and lock it by remote control and test it by shaking the car don't try to shake it from doors or trunk or hod they have sensors and they'll trigger the alarm Good Luck !!

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It shows that your battery is in workable condition and your alternator is charging as it should.

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