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Why would your car horn go off when you make a right turn?


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2004-10-10 15:04:20
2004-10-10 15:04:20

The foam rubber in the horn pad in the center of the steering wheel is discentergrated -(bad even) some times U can just slip a small piece under the pad instead of buying the whole thing. The contact for the horn is located in the steering column, just above the turn signal controls. It is likely that one of the contact wires for the horn has broken off and makes contact with either the steering column or the locking plate when you turn the wheel.


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The horn is behind the right headlight. It looks like a black drum or rubber plate. * on my '93 it is mounted on the firewall passenger side behind the intake manifold. The horn is behind the right turn signal. If you remove the right yellow turn signal light, it's right there.

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The proper way to make a right turn is to move to the right side of the road. Then you put your turn signal on at least 500 feet before you are going to make the turn. Stay in the right lane as you turn the wheel.

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Just had this happen to my car actually...right behind the steering wheel is a metal plate, this is part of the horn system, and if that is bent when it goes around in the circle it will make contact with the pin and cause the horn to honk. My guess is that the column has been taken apart before as I had done and bent the metal plate. You can get at it by pulling apart the steering column and pulling of the turn signal apparatus. I bent mine back into place and it works fine now.

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make a right turn = haga una vuelta derecha

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Under the horn pad there is a clock spring. That is what normally fails. If your horn does not blow then that is the problem. It would be adviseable to pay a repair shop to make the repair.

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