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Why would your car run badly for the first few minutes?


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2007-10-29 12:56:59
2007-10-29 12:56:59

A bad idle is caused by a problem with fuel or spark these are two different systems, both with multiple components. Let�s look at Spark first. When was the last time the ignition components were serviced? I don�t think tat you need an electrical service (commonly referred t as a tune up) the idle would be consistently poor. So let�s look at the Fuel side of the equation. There are a few things that can affect the air fuel ratio like carbon, and varnish. I would try to clean a few things up before wasting money on a fuel pressure regulator and especially on an idle air control valve. I recommend that you First check a plug to see its condition (only one if one is bad well you can figure the rest out) if the plug looks good move on: 1) Injection clean 2) throttle body and induction system clean 3) Carbon chemical clean More likely than not you have a carbon build up problem this causes a fuel soak condition that causes a hard start and a rough idle until the fuel burns off. Of course someone may tell you that you have a burnt valve but again this would cause a consistently poor running engine.

It sounds like fuel related. Depending on the year it could be a choke or the cold start sel. Does it smoke? What color smoke? Black would indicate rich mixture of fuel. Or it can be running to lean until it warms up.


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One or more cylinders are firing badly or not at all. It needs a major tune-up.

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You have badly worn brake pads or rotors or both. I would get them fixed ASAP.

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