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Either the cap is defective or too much pressure is building up in the system. I would replace the cap is it does not appear to be overheating. answer you have a defective radiator cap replace with a new one with same pressure rating as old one

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Q: Why would your car smoke from the radiator cap if the cap is on all the way?
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How would a radiator cap cause a leak?

A radiator cap would not cause a leak! However, if the radiator cap is holding pressure, other weak parts could signal issues in need of attention.

What would cause Both radiator hoses to collapsed?

Radiator cap

Where is the radiator cap 1999 silverado?

there is no real radiator cap. On the left side of engine compartment there is a coolant jug. This where you would add coolant to radiator.

What would cause a top radiator hose to crush on a 2001 3.1 buick?

Check valve in radiator cap malfunction, replace radiator cap.

Is the recovery tank cap the same as the radiator cap or does the radiator have a separate cap underneath the housing?

If you have a threaded cap on your coolant reservoir that is your " radiator cap "

1999 ford expedition radiator cap?

The radiator cap is on top of the radiator.

Why would the anti-freeze in a 1993 Grand Am 2.3 sohc keep boiling out of the radiator cap?

Hey Willie==If it comes out the cap and not the overflow jug, the cap is faulty plus what is causing it to get hot. 'Check the fans for proper operation. If it isn't smoking white smoke, it probably isn't the head gaskets. A stuck thermostat will also cause it ot overheat. If all else fails, take it to a radiator shop and have the radiator flow tested. GoodluckJoe

Where is radiator cap on 1996 Taurus?

The thread on cap on your engine coolant reservoir is your pressure cap / radiator cap ( 16 PSI ) on a 1996 Ford Taurus ( all engines )

Does 98 ford contour have a radiator cap on radiator?

No , the " radiator " cap / pressure cap is the thread on cap on the engine coolant reservoir

2007 suzuki forenza where is the radiator cap?

the radiator cap is on top of the radiator you idiots

Where is the radiator cap on a 2001 Ford Taurus?

The raiator is a type of system where all fluid is added to the reservoir instead of the radiator directly, look for the reservoir and you will have found your radiator cap.

Where is radiator cap located on a 1999 Oldsmobile alero?

not all vehicles have a rdiator cap. some newer ones ,have the coolant added thru the overflow bottle. if the radiator cap cannot be seen on the radiator it doesnt have one

What is the standard radiator cap temp for 1998 oldsobile intrigue?

The correct radiator cap is determined by the amount of pressure it is designed to hold, not temperature. The standard radiator cap for that Olds is probably a 15 or 16 pound cap. The correct temperature of the engine would be determined by the thermostat which would be 195 degrees F.

Where is the radiator cap located on a 1996 chryslor lhs?

The radiator cap is located on top of the radiator.

Where is the radiator cap located that leads directly to the radiator. I am not referring to the add-coolant cap on the plastic reservoir or Add tank?

A lot of vehicles don't have the radiator cap on the radiator , they use a thread on style cap on the engine coolant reservoir ( that is the pressure cap / radiator cap )

What would cause pressure in the radiator besides thermostatalready replaced head gasket?

radiator cap

Where is the Mazda Tribute radiator cap?

where is the radiator cap on a 2002 tribute

Does a 2006 Ford Taurus have a radiator cap?

The thread on cap on your engine coolant reservoir is the pressure cap / radiator cap

Does the radiator on a 1999 Mercury Cougar have a cap actually on the radiator itself?

No, it has no cap on radiator. You fill radiator thru the reservoir cap on the rt side of engine. Hope this helps.

What would be the cause of white smoke coming from the exhaust in the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 4.7?

blown head gasket. the easiest way to tell is to open the radiator cap while the cars running BUT BE CAREFUL! if theres antifreeze in there it will spray and burn you! but if you have a blown head gasket when you open the throttle the same white smoke will blow out of the radiator cap. white smoke is a sign of a blown head gasket though.

When white smoke comes from radiator of your car?

Coolant gets hot. Either there's a radiator leak, or you opened up the cap without letting it cool down.

Does the 1996 Buick Skylark have a radiator cap?

It uses the cap on the coolant recovery tank as its "radiator cap".

Do a 2000 Ford Expedition have a radiator cap?

The thread on cap on your engine coolant reservoir is the " radiator " cap

Why does your 1994 suzuki rm 125 smoke from the radiator overflow?

If you are getting exhaust smoke coming out of the radiator overflow, you need to replace the head gasket that seals the cylinder from the cylinder cap where your coolant runs through to cool the engine.

Where is the radiator cap on a 1997 Cavalier not referring to the overflow reservoir cap?

the overflow res. cap is the radiator cap on the 97 cavalier