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Answer I had a similar problem when I put a CD player in my 92 explorer. The problem was that somehow I used the hot wire from the headlights. I simply just rewired the power wire and problem solved.

First of all I would check the power source. If you didn't use a wiring harness some of the 12v power is discontinued when you turn the headlights on. Using either a voltmeter or testlight check for a constant power source. THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF THIS IS CONNECTING YOU VEHICLES DASH LIGHT WIRE TO THE GROUND ON THE STEREO

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:27:18
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Q: Why would your new radio not work with the headlights on?
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Headlights don't work on 90 tempo?

Headlights don't work on 90 tempo L, fuses are all good.Filements are also all good in headlights. New headlight also does not work...

Will a car stereo work in a goldwing gl1200?

Short answer, no. Not without some work. Your GL1200 radio has an external amp for the speakers. Your standard car radio will not work with the amp. You would have to bypass the amp. Also, the GL1200 radio has a pin connector plug on the back of it. This connector plug has about 30 different pins. You would have to take the end off the bike and directly wire your new radio to the power supply and speakers. The new car radio will not work with the handle bar mounted control swithes. The new radio will not have auto volume. The new radio will not have the intercom system, as that is built into the factory radio. It could be done, but it would take a lot of work. If your current factory radio does not work, I recommend going to eBay and looking for a used replacement. The radio, when working is a pretty good radio, and gets good reception. If your looking for a CD changer, I would avoid it. I have seen satellite radios hooked into the factory radio, but I personally use a FM transmitter for my CD/mp3 player. That way the signal would go through the factory radio on a FM channel and be played over the speakers or through your headsets.

Why would your headlights not work on a 01 arctic cat 600 sled its got new bulbs and one instrument light works?

I would be looking for maybe a grounding issue

1994 Jeep Cherokee electrical problems wipers don't work signal lights don't work radio air conditioner heater will not turn on but headlights work instrument panel lights work any suggestions?

strip the engine out then replace it with a new one with that type of make and model

Changed radio in 94 Volvo 940 gl now the headlights wont work. anyone know what happened?

It is the relay that is directly under the radio. same thing happened to me. I popped them out burnished the contacts and put them back in. It worked, if not you'll have to get a new one. Not too expensive.

What would cause the CD to not play but allow the radio and auxilliary to work?

most likely a damaged disc reader if its out of warranty it will probably be cheaper to buy a new radio

The radio dont work but the clock does?

Then you can see (on the clock) it's time to buy a new radio!

You replaced the headlight switch on an 1982 Bronco Now dash and parking lights don't work and headlights do All fuses good What is wrong?

did you buy a brand new switch? or replace with another old one, i did the same thing on an old Chevy i had 2 switches, 1 would turn my headlights on but no dash, and the other would turn my dashlights on but no headlights, maybe just need to try another used switch. or by a new one.

Why would your CD player in your 2001 Tiburon just die and not come back on?

CD players do break but does the radio still work? You may just need to install a new radio

Why won't the headlights work on a 1993 Ford Festiva when everything else works?

There is 3 fused links above the battery. One controls the headlights. They need to have a new link put on.

Why would the headlights drain the battery on a 1996 Lexus with a new alternator?

The new alternator is bad happens all the time.

My headlights work but I have no taillights or brakelights?

WHAT ARE YOU DUMB REPALCE YOUR LIGHT BULBS STUPID! Not stupid replaced circuit boards checked fuses ran test light . When headlights are on no brake light or taillights and have all new bulbs stupid. Turn headlights off brake lights work, so figure that out smart man

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