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Why would your power steering not work right?


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2008-02-10 22:24:57
2008-02-10 22:24:57

Your car is out of, or low on power steering fluid. (make sure you buy the proper steering fluid for your car, ex: Honda's only safely take Honda steering fluid)

Check the following Once you have checked the fluid level and the problem persists, rev the engine slightly to see if the steering improves. If it does, it means the flow rate of your pump is low and needs attention/replacement. If it doesn't improve, have your pump tested by a power steering repair shop. There is a slight possibility of there being a problem in your rack if the shaft teflon is damaged or the teflon rings in the spool valve have worn grooves into the housing.


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You might want to check your power steering fluid

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Should be stamped right on the steering fluid reservoir cap. If not any power steering fluid will work.

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Use the Power Steering bracket for a D15b7.. Yes some of the D15b7 civic's came with power steering!! I think all D15 Power steering brackets will work. D15 brackets will not work!!

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power steering fluid is fluid that makes the power steering pump work and it goes in the power steering pump under the hood.

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