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Why you feel lonely?

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January 26, 2010 12:49PM

"What_Is_Lonliness?_Answer" id="What_Is_Lonliness?_Answer">What Is

Lonliness? Answer

Well, feeling lonely is something that most everyone feels from

time to time.

Basically, feeling lonely is feeling like you're either missing

or lacking the presence or obtaination of a person/object. For

example, if you feel lonely because you miss someone, your brain

develops a mindset that you are alone, and that you need to

see that person.

I hope that helped! :)

I agree with u. But i think wen ur missing that person (whom u

love so much) u are not in the present world. Always u will b

thinking of the past, which u shared wit that person,which makes u

feel that ur alone. And at this time ur frnds might not b able 2

understand u. Only u can solve this.


>> puccaivy<< says:

feeling lonely is that you think there is no on earth who will

comfort you. that just you feel you are nothing in this world, i

suppose to be dead or not be alive so i cannot feel this loneliness

in my life. i wonder why god created me. for making me lonely at


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