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Will 20 inch rims fit on a 2001 Nissan Altima?


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2009-01-21 20:18:41
2009-01-21 20:18:41

Why would you want to put 20 inch rims on an Altima? I can tell you that 18 inch rims worked.


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yes they will fit fine i have a salvage 2009 Nissan altima i put 22 inch rims and no promblem

17 inch rims on a 98 Nissan AltimaYes you can put 17' rims on a 1998 Nissan Altima. The tire size which works best on both axels is 215/45, But based on the body size of the 98 Altima, you might want to go with 18 inch rims.

yes it will it fits on my 2008 Nissan altima it will fit on yours.

These will not damage a 2008 Nissan Altima. I have checked several sites and you can fit up to a 22 inch rim on these cars. Only "damage" I have seen is a recall on 16 inch rims that were made in China where a lug nut will come loose.

I have a 2002 Nissan altima with tires 205/65R16 can I replace them with 215/65R15, the tires came on 5 bolt rims and will fit on the altima. If the tires are on 15 inch rims, you are ok. You can not put 15 inch tires on 16 inch rims, or 16 inch tires on 15 inch rims.

no .. i used to have a Nissan altima 1998 and the rims are only for altimas

I've seen '97 Altimas with 20inch rims on them. You will need to buy rims that need the same number of lug nuts your current ones have.

Will a rim from a 06 maxima fit the same year altima

no negative not at all not in your lifetime never no way hosay not likely computer says no what you talking about willis?

yep, i have em on my 2008 pathfinder. Google search Nissan pathfinder on 26" rims.

20 inch will fit perfect but dont put any higher cause its going to look ridiculous

I own a 2001 maxima se and put 1995 rims on it during the winter. You can do the oposit.

los rines de un altima 2002 trabajan con los de mustang 2006

The Torque Spec and assuming you didn't change your rims, 72-87 ft. lbs Anyone who tells you 100, are ignorant.

The Rouge I checked has 17 inch rims. The '99 Quest has 17 inch rims so I would say "no" they wouldn't be a good match.

15 inch rims. Yes. Check to make sure they fit.

want to put twenty inch rims on my 01 silverado would like to know how this affect the truck ride

Yes 20s will fit fine.. u can fit 22x8.5 with little rub if u put some lift in the springs.. i e 18s no rub.. but YES 20 no problem

not without oversized shocks and lowering the A- arms

Will chevy rims fit a nissan

Yes 22's can fit on a 2001 grand marquis!

yes but that's the max on the wheelbase

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