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Q: Will 4.0 heads bolt on 2.9 block for 1987 ranger?
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Can 1987 center bolt heads bolt up to an older 305 block?


Will 350 heads fit a 400 block?

350 heads will bolt to the 400 block. They will need to be drilled for the "steam ports" in the 400 block.

Do the intake bolts bolt in the top of the block or into the heads on a 305 vortec?

Into the heads only.

Will pre-1990 heads fit on a vortec block?

Yes the heads will, But the problem is that the vortec intake won't bolt up to the pre- 90 heads. DIFFERENT BOLT PATTERN.

Will regular old style 305 heads work on a newer vortec 305 block?

The heads will fit the block, but the vortec intake manifold will not bolt to the old style heads.

What is the deck on a small block Chevy?

The deck is the surface to which you bolt the cylinder heads to.

Will 305 cylinders work on a 350 block?

YES. The heads will bolt right on.

What size mounting bolt on a 1987 Ford Ranger?

To receive a correct answer more information will be needed: (mounting bolt for ???).

What is the bolt pattern on a 1987 ford ranger rims?

5x4.25 like the mustang

Will a 1967 283 heads fit a 1971 350 block?

yes they will bolt right on.

Can a 1992 gmc 350 tbi intake manifold bolt up to a 1976 gmc 350 block or change the heads too?

It should bolt up without changing the heads.

Will 350 heads fit a 283 block and run ok?

YES, If you have center dump exhaust manifolds you will want to make sure that they will bolt up to the 350 heads. You did not say what year heads you are going to use. BUT more the likely they will bolt up.

Will 68-79 heads work on a vortec 5700 block?

They will bolt to the block but the intake will not bolt up. The vortec heads have raised runners so the ports would not match. You would also be decreasing performance as the older heads will not flow like the vortecs do or have as good as a flame travel due to the vortecs heart shape chamber,.

Chevy 350. Small block vs long block?

"small block" typically distinguishes between a 2 bolt and 4 bolt main. (Small block= 2 bolt main. Big/large block=4 bolt main) "long block" typically distinguishes between a rebuilt engine that has heads, rockers, rocker covers, oil pump, pan... in other words, complete, versus just block, crank, cam and pistons (short block).

What size is motormount bolt on small block Chevy?

3/8" if 9/16 socket heads.

Hi can you tell you if the 1975 Corvette L48 had aluminum heads and and if it was a four bolt main?

The 1975 L48 Corvette engine was the "base" engine and never was offered with aluminum heads or a 4-bolt main block from the factory. The L82, offered in 1975 had 4-bolt mains but still only had cast iron heads.

Will cylinder heads with the cast number 471513 which are off of a 1979 267-350 work on a 1987 350?

Yes it will work the block bolt patteren never changes from 350 to 350. You might run into a problem with a intake manifold not going on though unless you have it too for the heads you want to use.

Is a 351 winsor block different from a 351 winsor block out of a regular crown vic?

Yes, the 1970s bolt patterns for the heads are different. They changed in the later part of the 80s.

Will 1996 454 heads fit and work on a 1982 454 block?

i believe that any 454 bbc head will bolt up to any 454 Block. But some heads are beter then others. I would find out the specs of the head before installing.

Will 1979 305 heads fit a 1988 350 vortex block?

Yes they will, But you will have to drill the 4 center bolt holes out in the 88 intake to make it bolt up to the 305 heads. I don't no why anyone would want to put 305 heads on a 350 engine, The 350 will never run like it did before.

Can you use a 1988 Chevy 350 heads on a 1992 block with the use of the 1992 intake?

Yes They will bolt right on with out changing anything

Wheel bolt pattern 2002 Ford Ranger?

what is the lug/bolt pattern for a 2000 ford ranger?

Will a 1990 Dodge 360 tbi unit and intake bolt to a 1987 318?

no heads and intake are different form a 360 to a 318

Can 1977 305 heads fit on a 350 block. and what other suff from a 305 fit to a 350 block?

heads will bolt on but will not work. the combustion chamber is too small resultingin too much compression.most anything else (brackets,exhaust accessories etc.)will work

What are the bolt patterns for a 2000 Ford Ranger?

bolt pattern for 2000 ford ranger & ft pounds