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Will Bantam roosters try to mate with Rhode Island Red chickens?


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YES. We didn't think it could happen so we let one little Bantam hen keep an egg because she wanted to lay on it. Then all of a sudden I am checking for more eggs and BOOM! We had a baby chick. We were shocked. We have two Rhode Island Reds and an Egyptian-looking chicken. We are pretty sure he got to the Egyptian-looking one because we always see him trying to get to the Rhode Island Reds, but with little success. Now our little Bantam rooster is actually a very large Bantam... his dad was less than half his size and he some how turned out huge so maybe this influenced his ability to get up there! Another view:

They will certainly try, but most Bantam roosters are too small to 'make it'.

If a bantam rooster is the only male in the flock the hens will often make adjustments for his size. The hens will flatten out or squat down fluffing their feathers after he does the signal dance. (the rooster dances side ways around the hen he has chosen to mate with) The rooster stands on the hens back and mating takes place.


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Rhode Island Red roosters get their spurs as they grow. The roosters spurs actually grow faster than the hens.

well the roosters have are bigger and wait until if you have other chickens and they start laying then see if rhode has layed

Yes, it is perfectly fine to keep bantam roosters with RIR hens. The rooster, although small, may still be able to breed the larger hens.

Egg quantities differ depending on what bantam species lays them but the eggs are much smaller than a standard size chicken. A bantam Silkie will lay well below average when compared to a Rhode Island Red Bantam is reference to size not an individual breed.

Rhode Island roosters (that's the correct spelling) reach sexual maturity at about six months of age, the same as the roosters of any other breed of chicken.

Any breed can get along with Rhode Island Reds. But you can only intruduce this other breed and more chickens when they are little. If you don't do that, there will be severe fighting with the chickens.

Rhode Island Red chickens have a reddish brown color, and are normally thin.... says the last person to answer this question ... but i have 20 rhode island red hens and 2 roosters that we raised from a day old and they have never been thin not one day in their life they are huge chickens tall and fat. They are rust red with black markings along the wings(the markings vary per chicken and so does the shade of red ) My roosters are a very dark brownish red where some of my hens are a brighter red. when they are babies they are fuzzy and bright orange.

Hens will reach about 6 lbs and roosters 8. These hens are known for great egg production and double yolk eggs, especially in their first year!

I have found that if you want easy to care for chickens that lay a lot of eggs, Isa Browns are the best variety. They are the breed of chickens most egg farms use. Rhode Island Reds are also good. But, if you are looking for pets, some bantam varieties may be what you are looking for.

You can get a Rhode Island Red hen from a farmer who raises chickens. You can also order them on line.

The Gosselins have rhode island reds

Black Sex-link is a breed. It is the size it is - a large-size breed. Bantams are small chickens.Think of dogs. A German shepherd is a breed. It CANNOT be the size of a toy poodle. Neither can a Black Sex-link be the size of a banty. Take a Barred Rock Bantam Hen to a Rhode Island Red Bantam to get the Black sex link bantam

Rhode Island Red chickens fly a little. They tend to hop up to get a start and flap their wings. As they get larger in size their flying ability is reduced.

Here is a picture of a Rhode Island Red Rooster. The Rhode Island Red is the most wellknown chicken in America.

Rhode Island Red bantams lay about one egg per day. They are just as good at laying as their larger sized standard counterparts.

That question is almost impossible to answer, I can list twenty without thinking and there are many more different breeds than that. I will list some of the most popular that I know of: Banny, Whiterock, White Leghorn, Brown Leghorn, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Rhode Island White, Bantam, Minorca, Jersey Giant,

All chicks are hatched with feathers.

Yes. In most cases if the hen will allow the rooster to mount her. Bantam hens are not a fragile as they appear. The are full grown hens and can take the weight of a standard Rhode Island Red rooster for the few seconds it take to rooster to perform his duties.

The rhode Island red is one of the most common chickens in the U.S. and the basis for most of the production brown egg layer. You should be able to find them at any chick hatchery in the U.S.

All chickens lay best in the spring and the fall. Most chickens stop altogether during the summer and winter.

They are molting. losing feathers and replacing them with new ones. it happends to all chickens.

The dutch bantam lays more than an average large fowl. (At 270 a year plus.) But is still one of the smallest. The rhode island red bantam is large, so should lay large eggs.

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