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Will a 1973 VW Beetle muffler work on a 1974 VW Beetle?

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1974 was the first year Volkswagen used Exhaust Gas Recirculation on its cars. If yours is hooked up, you will find an Official Volkswagen Piece of Pipe running between the right-hand tailpipe mount and the Official Volkswagen Air Cleaner. If either of those two items isn't there, the EGR system has been disabled, and you can put an early muffler on the car. If the pipe is there, you need to use the 1974 (expensive!!!) muffler.


A 1972/73 California spec exhaust sytem will have EGR also. In 1974 EGR went nation-wide. I doubt you are putting an originalused exhaust system on as most of them have long ago rusted into oblivion. Most people have eliminated the EGR system from their vehicles with aftermarket exhaust systems long ago, however, if you have to use the original emissions sytems (or just want to) in your area there are original type aftermarket exhaust systems with EGR still available.It is not likely you will have to use the original exhaust system w/EGR, and performance, sound, and price advantages to an aftermarket system is usually preferred.

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