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Yes both engines should fit in the crate box with enough space for stuffing and foam.

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โˆ™ 2013-05-29 22:52:10
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Q: Will a 2004 Yamaha r1 engine fit on a 2004 Yamaha r6 frame?
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Will Yamaha 1999 250 engine fit in 1998 Yamaha frame?

Most likely, if the 1998 is a 250 also

Can a Yamaha engine fit a Honda frame?

No. Different mounts, and usually a manufacturer will only make an engine that fits only bikes in a certain range of years, like 2001-2004.

Will a Yamaha banshee engine fit into a warrior frame?

yes it will but you need to change the front brackets up

Can a 2004 Yamaha r1 transmission fit on a 2000 Yamaha r1 transmission?

The transmission is housed inside the engine cases. The 04 R1 has a redesigned engine that is not the same as the 2000 model, I'm sure it wont fit.

Will yamaha blaster 200 a armes fit quadzilla 300 frame?

The Yamaha blaster 200 armes will only fit Quadzilla 300 frame if the correct fabrications are made.

What size Yamaha dirt bike engines will all fit in 2002 balster frame?

i suppose the stock balster engine suffice

How can you modify Yamaha SZR?

You can fit an engine guard and fit the filter.

Will a 94 rm 125 engine fit on a 2000 rm frame?

Will a 94 rm 125 engine fit on a 2000 rm frame?

Will the cylinders from a Yamaha XS650 Yamaha fit on a XS400 engine?

650 has 63mm bore and the 400 has 69mm ... don't think it would fit

Will a Yamaha raptor 350 motor fit on a Yamaha warrior 350 frame?

Wiring harness is differant but other wise its all the same

Will a Honda 450r engine fit on a 230f Honda frame?

No, the crank shaft in the 450r is bigger than the 230f therefore the crankcases are bigger. The frame will not match up to the engine. only a engine intended for that frame will fit, however other year models will fit.

Will a 2004 yz 250 engine fit in a 2004 yz 250f frame?

YES! The only difference between a 250 and a 250f is that one is 2stroke and the other is a four stroke.

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