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Yes, a 240 volt appliance will work with a 200 volt supply.

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Q: Will a 240 volt appliance work with 200 volt supply?
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Related questions

250 volt appliance work in 220 volt world zone?

normally, appliance are built in 110v or 220v, applied in 100-140v and 200-240v. if your 250v appliance is common home appliance equipment, then 220volt is ok, i think. otherwise, you should ask the vendor for special power supply.

Will 200 volt appliance work in with 240 volt supply?

It will work but not as efficient as the manufacturer designed it to. If motors are involved in the appliance they will run hotter as they will draw a higher amperage due to the lower voltage. Appliances with a wattage rating for heating elements will not reach their nameplate wattage rating.

Can a 200 volt appliance operate on a 240 volt circuit?

No, this should not be done. If the appliance is a heater it will operate over its given specified wattage. A 200 volt heater run off of 240 volt will have an output increase. Ohms law stated that current is directly proportional to the applied voltage and inversely proportional to the resistance of the circuit. A 240 volt heater can be run off of a 200 volt supply but the wattage will be reduced. For example if the heater is 5000 watts at 200 volts, the current is I =W/E 5000/200 = 25 amps. The resistance of the heater is R = W/I (squared) =5000/25 x 25 (625) = 8 ohms. Applying 240 volts on the same heater whose resistance is 8 ohms results in this new heater wattage rating. W = E (squared)/R = 240 x 240 (57600)/8 = 7200 watts. This is 2200 watts higher than the manufacturer's safety rating. W = watts, I = amperage, R= resistance in ohms and E = voltage.

Can you use a 120 volt main for a 200 volt air conditioner?

Nope, it will not work

Will 240 volt appliances work in a 120 volt environment?

In North America they do. Small appliance loads that usually plug into wall receptacles all depend upon 120 volts to operate. As the appliance loads get larger so does the voltage. Hot water tanks, baseboard heaters, electric ranges, clothes dryers, heat pumps, domestic water well pumps all depend on 240 volts to operate. The use of the 120/240 volt supply system allows the two voltages to be used simultaneously.Answer 2It depends on the appliance. Many portable power supplies (phone chargers, computer power supplies etc.) now work on both 120V and 240V. They are labeled (for example) '100-240V~ 50-60 Hz'. You will still need a plug adaptor.If the appliance is labelled '200-240V' (or something similar), it will not work on 120V.

Can you use a 9 volt 100 mA adapter on a 9 volt 200 mA device?

No, a 100 mA adapter's maximum output is 100 mA and it does not have enough capacity to supply a 200 mA load.

Will a 9 volt 2.2 amps power supply harm a device calling for 9 volt 200 ma?

A: NO it will not. The circuit will only draw 220 ma even if the source is capable of delivering 1000 amperes

What size aluminum wire for 100 amp 240 volt underground service 200 feet from transformer?

A 2/0 aluminum conductor, with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C, when supplying 100 amps for 200 feet on a 240 volt system, will work.

Can you use a 240 Volt battery charger on 110 volts?

The depends on the current drawn by the 240 Volt battery charger. Some appliances, such as small battery chargers, small "voltage converters" for international travel, electric shavers, etc., have been designed to run safely on different supply voltages. The appliance's label or "rating plate" will state the range of voltages it can safely be used on. Whilst a small appliance like that will work fine as long as it was made to handle the lower voltage, it's not possible to use a small "voltage converter" for international travel with high-powered appliances such as 220 - 240 Volt electric kettles. The reason is because the current they draw is much too high. Larger 220 - 240 Volt appliances having powers from (say) 100 - 200 Watts (which may be the case for a large battery charger) to 2000 Watts (2kW) or more, like an electric kettle, would need an expensive item called a "Transformer" or "Auto-transformer" to enable them to be used on a 120 Volt supply. Such transformers are much bigger - and heavier - than the small "voltage converters" that are available for international travel. Large transformers are also much more expensive: they can cost from US$100 upwards, even second-hand, depending on the power to be converted. So most folks would just buy a 120 Volt appliance locally in the 120 Volt area. After all, a cheap electric kettle can cost less than US$20 and a really fancy one can be bought for under US$100.

How Convert 200 volt to 230 volt?

If a precision voltage is needed from 200 to 230 an auto transformer could be used. If the load is a 230 volt motor to be operated on 200 then add 15% to the nameplate full load amperage for the calculation for overload protection.

Can a 200 volt squirrel cage motor be run with 100 volts?

Yes, a 200 volt squirrel cage motor can be run with about 100 volts.

What is wire size for 200 amp 240 volt service 200 feet away?

A 3/0 copper conductor will limit the voltage drop to 3% or less when supplying 200 amps for 200 feet on a 240 volt system.

How do you change a 4 V DC 2 Amp power supply to 4 V DC 200 mA?

As Dave says there is no obvious reason to do so. However if you put a 200mA fuse or circuit breaker in series between the supply and the load you will protect the load from pulling more than 200mA from the supply should the load malfunction. That way the load is protected from damaging itself (if that was your concern).

Where can one purchase certified Kenmore appliance parts?

Kenmore appliance parts can be found at the website sears parts direct, the website has about 200 parts for every model of appliance made by Kenmore you could possibly want.

What happens if a 2 amp power supply is used on a circuit needing 200 mA?

Everything would work as designed if you used a 2 amp power supply for a 200 ma circuit.It's important to not go OVER the designed capacity of the power supply, and in fact, it's a good idea to make sure the power supply has at least double the capacity of the load current.

Will a 12 volt 200 mA adapter operate a 9 volt 1000 mA device?

No the voltage is too high at 12 volts to operate a 9 volt device. Even if the voltages were correct the 200 mA output is too low to operate a 1000 mA device.

Can you make 220 volt AC current from 1.5 volt by step up transformer?

In principle you can but in practice it is not done. A 220 v supply might have to provide (let's say) 200 watts of power for a TV. That would mean that the current drawn at 1.5 volts would have to be at least 140 amps, and that kind of power is not normally available.

For 200 amps service do you use 100 amps per 120 volt leg?

A 200 ampere service provides 200 amperes per leg

How many watt of 220 volt will get by convering inverter from 200 Watt 12 volt?

Probably about 180 watts, assuming 90% efficiency.

What would be the result if a 24 volt 20-ohm low voltage contactor coil were wired in series with a 24 volt 200-ohm control relay coil?

Nine tenths of the voltage would appear across the 200-ohm coil.

Can you use a 8 volt 200 mA adapter to power a 6 volt 200 mA device?

It might work if the device that you are plugging it into has its own voltage regulator, there is no way of knowing this. Personally I would not take the chance. When a manufacturer designs a piece of equipment it uses a specific voltage for the circuitry to operate on. Varying from this voltage is not a good idea and most likely it will void the warranty if the device becomes inoperable.

Transformer 208 volt primary and 480 volt secondary three phase 75 kva what size fuses on primar and secondary?

200 and 100

Do two 12 volt 100 amp hour batteries give me 200 amp hours at 24 volt?

No. If you connect two 12 volt batteries in series(positive to negative) to make 24 volts, you will have 100 amp hours. If you connect two 12 volt batteries in parallel(pos to pos, neg to neg) you will stay at 12 volts but have 200 amp hours

Can a 12 volt battery power a 200 watt amp?

If the amplifier's supply voltage requires 12 volts then yes. Make sure the wires supplying the voltage are # 12 as the amplifier will be drawing 16.6 amperes. Use an in line fuse of 20 amps.

Inverse supply and demand functions?

Q=-200+50P inverse supply function