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yes it will bol up if its the same trans as the f150 6 cylinder but you need the clutch and pressure plate for the v8

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โˆ™ 2009-10-23 14:26:23
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Q: Will a 302 V8 bolt onto the standard 5 speed tranny?
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Where is the speed sensor of Chevy Astro van 1991 located?

Speed sensor is located on the tail of the tranny. On the side near the drive shaft. There is an electric connection that clips onto it and is held in by one 10 mm bolt.

How do you test a 1998 jetta engine speed sensor?

the vehicle speed sensor is on the tranny it hooks onto your speedometer. the engine speed sensor is on the front of the engine, two different sensors guys.

Will a1989 4cyl 5 speed 4x4 transfer case bolt onto a 2wd trans?

The transfer case will not bolt to a 2wd transmission.

How are Allen head bolts made?

First, a round bar is cut to the correct length of the bolt. A hex head is then hot forged onto the end of the cut rod. Then, high speed blades are used to cut the correct threading onto the bolt.

How do you take out a governor from a 1989 Camaro. It is a bolt onto the accelerator correct?

There is no governor, The ecm/ computer controls the speed limiter.

How do you fit bolt and nut?

You screw the nut onto the bolt.

How do you change a torque converter on a 350 transmission?

take the tranny out and pull the converter out of the front of the tranny and put new converter in and make sure you hear it click twice when putting it back onto the tranny and reinstall tranny.

Where is the speed sensor on a 1995 Honda accord lx automatic transmission?

Under Your Hood AnswerHello, Your speed sensor is located on the top of your tranny near the firewall. The electrical part of this sensor bolts down onto the gear driven part.

Does the bolt holding belt wheel onto the end of the crankshaft on a 93 2.5 liter Automatic VW eurovan have clockwise or anticlockwise thread?

Standard thread

Can a Turbo 350 Transmission bolt onto an Oldsmobile 350 Rocket engine?

There are many turbo 350's with the BOP bolt pattern that would bolt up to an Oldsmobile engine, however a turbo 350 with a Chevy bolt pattern would not fit an Oldsmobile without an adapter. dude this guys on crack that's wat they use to do with the old diesles with the 350 tranny when the diesle went out that's why they put the olds 350 in them cuz they bolt right in hope i wasnt to late

Can an Oldsmobile turbo 350 bolt onto a sbc350 motor?

Not usually. Most of the transmissions that have the Oldsmobile bolt pattern do not have the Chevrolet bolt pattern.

Where does the exhaust bolt on to a scooter?

Onto the exhaust port of the engine...

Will a th400 transmission bolt onto a gm 305 small block?

as long as it is a chevy bolt pattern th400

Will a 350 bolt onto the stock 5spd in a 1991 firebird with the 3.1 v6?

No the bolt pattern for the v6 and the v8 are different

Will a 1995 4t60e from an Oldsmobile Ciera work in a 1996 Ciera with a 4t60e?

I'm answering my own question here. I put the 1995 tranny on the 1996 and it works just fine. I just had to put an electronic piece from the 1996 tranny onto the 1995 tranny in order to get the wiring to work. Easy...and the car runs perfect on the 1995 tranny.

Can a Turbo 350 Transmission bolt onto an Oldsmobile 455?

yes you can... would not recommend doing so... if the motor is stock it may work fine. when you start to add horses you need to move up to a Turbo 400. but to answer your question you can put a 350 tranny on a olds 455

Where can you get pivot sticks and sprites from besides droidz and darkdemon?

/bolt................... that's where you just go onto droidz then links then you search for /bolt

Your 1997 2.4 liter engine blew what other size engine will bolt onto the tranny?

Chevy, Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile used the same 2.4L engine. You should be able to bolt on anyone of them on your existing tranny.AnswerChevy, Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile used the same 2.4L engine. You should be able to bolt on anyone of them on your existing tranny. if it is an altima there was only one engine for that year, but the 240 Nissan has the same engine for I think around 3 year prior so you could find a rebuilt on fairly inexpensive in the salvage market.when you say blown, is it the head gasket that is blown other that the pain it is to remove the cylinder head this job would only cost you 60 dollars for a new gasket and the time to remove the head and replace it.

Can a 5x130 bolt pattern rim fit onto the 07'CLS550?

No, it cannot. Mercedes Benz uses a 5x112 bolt pattern.

How do you find the speed of an earthquake?

you can bye a speed transmitter and connect a cable onto your tv

Can a Chevy 350 bolt onto a manual 1991 Chevy v6 transmission?

Yes it will.

Where is the transmission speed sensor on 1995 Toyota Avalon?

The Direct Clutch Speed Sensor is on top of the transmission (in front of the driver) and secured by a 12mm bolt to the transmission casing. It looks like a vertical black tube with an arm that extends toward the driver with the bolt at the end. The top of the tube has a black connector plugged onto it with two wires that join a major wiring harness a few inches away.

How do you change a broken gear shift on a standard Chevy 350?

depends on what tranny u have< if it is a turbo 400 then u just drop the trany and punch out the knuckle and put a new shifter onto it.... if it is a 500 or bigger it is different cause u are running a comp tyranny hope this helps

Ds game bolt- how do you use super bark?

u blow onto the mic

Why does m 1969 dodge slant six spray oil from the front exhaust manifold bolt hole?

possible valve cover gasket is leaking onto bolt.