Will a 305 fit in a 1987 Pontiac Firebird with a 2.8L?

Yes a 305 will fit in a 1987 Pontiac firebird,I just got done putting

a 350 in mine ,but if i was you I would do some research first

because I ended up spending a lot more than I wanted too

because you have to change the transmission ,get a longer

driveshaft or extend the one you have on the car,none of

the parts on your 2.8 engine will work except the altinator

and I had to fabricate a bracket,motor mounts are a pain to

change that was the worst part besides bypassing all my instruments

put all mechanical instruments in it.

check this sight out http://www.thirdgen.org/ for questions I might

not be able to answer .Also if it is fuel injection thi is a problem.