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If it's for a 305 it's a Chevy and will interchange with a 350. If it's an Olds, it won't.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-07 14:47:26
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Q: Will a olds305 tranny fit a Chevy 350 motor?
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Can a 350 olds tranny bolt to a 350 Chevy motor?

yes yes

Will a olds307 tranny fit a chevy 350 motor?

Not likely. They are two different bolt patterns.

Will a Chevy 350 motor and tranny bolt to a Oldsmobile driveshaft?

It might. You'd need to check the diamter of the output shaft of the trans.

1975 Chevy truck with a blown motor my boss gave me 350 sbc boat motor will this work and if not why?

The original trans will be fine. The parts you need off your old motor is the carburetor and the fly wheel. If the new(er) motor happens to have EFI, don't use it. Just to make things much simplified. yes the 350 will bolt right in but i don't know about the tranny that's already in it you might have to get the Chevy 350 trans for the tranny to match motor but motor will fit

What trans is in a 1984 Chevy mobile traveler motor home built on Chevy p30 van?

it depends on the engine you have. the most common combo is the 350 V8 5.7 L has a 350 turbo hydromatic tranny.

83 caprice 305 tranny slips what could it be will tranny from a 350 Chevy fit on a 305?


Chevy 267 and Chevy 350 do they have the same motor mounts?

yes the 4.3L vortech has the same motor mounts as the 350

Are the motor mounts on a gmc 1976 350 motor the same as a Chevy 350?


Will the motor mounts on a Pontiac 350 fit a Chevy 350?

No, they will not.

Are the motor mounts for a Buick 305 the same as a Chevy 350?

If the Buick 305 is really a Chevy 305, then the motor mounts will interchange with a Chevy 350.

Does a Chevy 350 tranny have a plug on the left side?

The 350 has NO electrical parts on it or in it what so ever ( NONE )

Will the starter from a 85 Chevy pickup with a 350 and automatic tranny fit in a 92 gmc pickup with a 350 and a manual tranny?

Yes. It may be bigger but it will bolt on.

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