Will it harm your baby if you just found out you're 3 weeks pregnant and are currently on Ritalin and were taking birth control pills because you didn't know you were pregnant?

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Not too sure about the Ritalin but I do know that there has been no evidence that taking birth control in early pregnancy without knowing that you are pregnant causes any complications although it is not reccommended to take the birth control if pregnancy is suspected hope this helps sorry I couldn't answer your ? completely Good Luck and God Bless!!  See Related LinksSee the Related Link for "All about Ritalin" to the right for the answer though basically it says that no-one knows if it will harm the baby.
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Can it harm the baby if you exercise before you know you're pregnant?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIf you do exercises that don't put TOO much strain on the body, and start at the beginning of the pregnancy, you can continue up until 3 weeks before you deliver. In fact it's been said that it's healthy for the baby if the mother keeps up regular exercize routines. ( Full Answer )

Can birth control be harmful if you are pregnant and do not know it?

Answer . Myth: I've heard that the pill causes birth defects.\nThe Truth: The pill does not cause birth defects or affect the health of future children — even if a woman becomes pregnant while taking the pill.\n. \nCourtesy of the Planned Parenthood Federation website\n. \nhttp://www.plannedp ( Full Answer )

3 weeks pregnant and took Ritalin will it harm baby?

Not likely at this stage. Just don't take it again. Anything you take will pass to the fetus, Ritalin's effects are still not 100% known. See Related Links See the Related Link for "All about Ritalin" to the right for the answer although basically it says that it is not yet known what happens if ( Full Answer )

Will taking two birth control pills a day for a week make your period come earlier or just make you more likely to get pregnant?

Answer . No this will not make your period come faster your body will menstruatewhen it wants to no matter what you do although taking 2 birth control pills a day is not very safe or smart your not supposed to get that much of a hormone in your body at one time not to mention if you take the pil ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant if you have been on and off birth controls and between the last two you didn't take it for two weeks and had sex then started your new pill that night?

Answer . Yes you can get pregnant if not using your birth control correctly get to your doctor and have a test done asap do not take your birth control if you suspect that you are pregnant until pregnancy is ruled out if it hasn't been 72 hours since you had sex get to your doctor or planned par ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you're pregnant if you don't get a period on the birth control pill?

The birth control period, as you've notice, can make your period so light that you don't notice one at all. This situation is not a medical concern, but some women find a monthly period of bleeding reassuring. If you find it anxiety-provoking to have no withdrawal bleeding on the pill, talk with you ( Full Answer )

Do birth control pills kill the baby if you are pregnant?

BirthControl Pills Can Kill The Baby If You Become Pregnant . If you take Birth Control pills you have a very slim chance of getting pregnant It's 1% chance that means that 3 women a year that take the pill MAY become pregnant If you take the pill read the paper insert that comes with the pack it ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if you're pregnant while taking birth control pills?

is the world going to end ????. maybe you see scientists have discovered that there is a very large piece of the sun about to come crashing down to hit earth although it hasn't fallen yet they seem to find a crack in the sun that splits right through the half of the sun but they also think that it ( Full Answer )

If you get pregnant and you dont know until a month in and your taking birth control can that harm the baby at all?

I think the moment you think your pregnant you should talk to your doctor. Only your family doctor knows what's best for you and knows the facts you need to know about being pregnant. If you think your pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test, if it comes up positive than you should stop takin ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you're pregnant if you're on the birth control pill?

I'm not an expert doctor but being a girl, it's not having your period. Not having the normal healthy period you are suppose get after a certain amount of days, or at the end of the birth control pills are used up. That's really the only really sign using it, meaning something had went wrong. tak ( Full Answer )

My birth control is microgestrin 121. I have a week without taking the pill. can you get pregnant the last day of the my cycle during that week without the pill?

Birth control only protects you against a 98% chance of pregnancy. So there is still a chance you could conceive. However if you've been on birth control for one month and haven't had unprotected sex, then you will be protected against pregnancy. But if you miss any pills you're at risk of conceivin ( Full Answer )

Will taking birth control while only being a week pregnant be harmful?

Why would you take birth control if you're already pregnant?. Birth control releases a hormone that tells your body it's pregnant so that you can't actually get pregnant. Is telling your body it's pregnant harmful to you when you're already pregnant? That wouldn't really make much sense would it?. ( Full Answer )

You have been on birth control pills for 3 years and you stopped taking them in November and now your period is 2 weeks late Can you be pregnant?

yes sometimes after taking birth control and takes awhile for it to clear out system so that was about 6 months ago and if you have been having regular cycles since decemeber you could be pregnant. If you two weeks late and your never late or not be late in the last 6 months and you have not had a p ( Full Answer )

What are the chances of you getting pregnant if you just started taking birth control pills two weeks before you had unprotected sex?

You need to be on birth control pills for at least seven days before you are protected. Therefore if you have been taking the pills correctly, you will not get pregnant 2 weeks after.. You need to be on birth control pills for at least seven days before you are protected. Therefore if you have been ( Full Answer )

If you become pregnant while taking the pill will it harm the baby?

From what I understand, most pills are made so that if you become pregnant while taking it, there is little to no harm to the developing baby. However, if you suspect that you are pregnant, you should see a physician for a blood test and if you are pregnant, stop taking the pill.

I had a tubal ligation and didn't know i was pregnant can the baby be harmed?

The good news is--there is no evidence that surgery or anesthesia in early pregnancy causes birth defects or any other problem for the baby. There may be a slight increase in the risk of miscarriage from the anesthetic, but you are out of range for that now, that is if you are at least 8 to 10 weeks ( Full Answer )

If you think you're pregnant should you stop taking the birth control pill?

Well if you have taken a home-pregnancy test and it is positive then yes, you should stop. But you should not take the pregnancy test until at least the day of your expected period or 14 days after intercourse other wise your results will not likely be accurate. If you do get a positive pregnancy te ( Full Answer )

If you're pregnant and take diet pills will that harm the baby?

You can't take anything that is not tested on pregnant women when you are regnant and these products seldom are. And unless you are obese there is no reason to diet when pregnant and if needed it has to be done under your doctors supervision.

If you're on birth control pills and you're taking them incorrectly can you be pregnant if his sperm entered your vagina?

Yes, in order to prevent pregnancy, birth control pills do have to be taken correctly. Of course, I don't know in what way you took them incorrectly; some errors are more serious than others. The most serious error would be to take them all at once, rather than one at a time on a daily basis. Some p ( Full Answer )

Can you start birth control pills in the middle of the pack had a baby cannot get into the doctors have the birth control from before i got pregnant it is 4 pills into week 2 can i take these?

In general the answer is yes... it would be ideal if the pack of pills is one of the "mono-phasic" types meaning all of the active pills are the same dosage. all of the active pills will have the same shape and color in a monophasic pack. Just try to get a new prescription in time to take a full 21 ( Full Answer )

If you are taking birth control pills and become pregnant continue to take the pills can it harm the baby?

If you ARE pregnant- you have no need to take birth control, you cannot get 'more pregnant' by not taking them or anything like that. Stop taking the birth control pills and start taking prenatal vitamins. Studies are linking birth control pills to being harmful to your baby- but even if they are no ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant if you missed 3 days without taking your birth control pill?

Yes, you can easily become pregnant if you have sexual intercourse and miss 3 days of birth control pills. You can take an emergency contraceptive, such as the Morning After Pill or Plan B. These emergency contraceptives should be taken soon as possible after unprotected intercourse, however, EC's,( ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if you're pregnant if you're on the birth control pill?

Take a pregnancy test. . The only real way to know is to take a pregnancy test. If you take the pill as directed you can assume you are not pregnant, the side effects (breast tenderness, nausea, moodiness, headaches) should subside over the next couple months.

What if you take the birth control pill while you're pregnant?

There has been no evidence that shows that taking the pill in early pregnancy causes any birth defects to the developing fetus. They will not harm or end an existing pregnancy, but they are of no use to the pregnant woman. If you're pregnant and don't want to be, contact your health care provider ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculate if you're on the birth control pill?

If 1000 couples use the birth control pill perfectly for a year, three will experience a pregnancy. But people don't use it perfectly, and so three couples in a hundred typically get pregnant during a year of birth control pill use. You're not likely to get pregnant on the pill if you use it correct ( Full Answer )