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Will my body stop loosing weight when I loose enough weight?


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June 23, 2017 1:28AM

The simple answer to your question: Nope.

The complete answer to your question however, is complicated:

You burn a certain number of calories per day depending on a number of factors. To maintain your current weight, you would want to take in the same amount of calories per day as you burn.

If you steadily take in fewer calories than you burn every day, you'll continue to lose weight. That's just the math of it. Now, as you lose weight, you also burn fewer calories "living" (non-exercise-activity-thermogenesis) ... every pound of muscle and every pound of fat has a daily calorie cost to keep alive. As you lose these, your body costs less calories to keep running. So if you go on a SET diet and lose weight, it's possible your weight loss will slow and eventually stop as your calorie burn catches up with your intake.

Make sense? In summary, if your body is burning more calories than you're consuming, you WILL lose weight. But these values shift and change based on lots of factors.

Your best bet is to reduce your calorie intake below your burn rate, engage in some form of physical exercise to keep your body functioning properly and prevent muscle loss, and adjust your calorie intake to match your daily burn when you reach your ideal fitness level.