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OK, 1st off I can't give you a definitive answer...but I worked on older Samurai's A LOT, and they and early Geo Trackers and Sidekicks) had a lot of similarities... Short story: Lots of owners of earlier Samurai's converted them to fuel injection using parts from newer Samurai's...or converted them to 1600 cc setups using 8-valve Geo Tracker or Suzuki Sidekick engines. So having a newer Samurai setup and using an older block would be about the same thing, just into a newer rather than older chassis when you're done. There were 2 different 'short blocks' used in Suzuki Samurai's. One ended in letter 'a' the other letter 'b', and I think there was a VERY small difference in the earlier one was about 1300 cc and the newer one around 1297 cc I think. But they were interchangable...I remember the 1st time I got a replacement engine for my 86 I was told by the machine shop that all the short blocks were essentially interchangable. Even new replacement pistons were the same for either block (or for that matter, for the 8 valve 1600 cc engines for trackers as well.) Hope this helps. Hope this helps. Clarification to my earlier remarks: They were related to a 'short block' not a 'long block'. The cylinder heads did change over the years between carburated versions and fuel injected versions, mainly by no longer having an eccentric off the back of the camshaft to drive a pin that went through a hole in the rear passenger side of the head to drive the mechanical fuel pump. Since fuel injected models do not use a mechanical fuel pump, this was no longer needed. You might still be able to use an older cylinder head on a newer engine, even if the newer engine is fuel injected, by removing the pin and blocking off the no-longer-needed fuel pump port. I think all Samurai's used 8 valve engines, unlike Geo Trackers and Suzuki Sidekicks that eventually went over to 4 valve per cylinder, 16 valve totals. An 8 valve cylinder head will NOT work on a 16 valve intake/exhaust port setup...

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Q: Will the 1.3 liter engine block from a 1988 Suzuki samurai be a direct replacement for the 1.3 liter engine block from a 1993 samurai?
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Where can you find a 1987 Suzuki Samurai complete engine?


Does a 1987 suzuki samurai have fuel injection?

Yes. There is a fuel injected engine and a carbed engine.

When was the first Suzuki Samurai manufactured?

The Suzuki Samurai (SJ30) was first produced in 1981 in Hamamatsu, Japan. This second generation Suzuki series has a bigger engine and was built wider and longer for export purposes.

What is required to swap an 88 Suzuki Samurai engine with a newer Geo Tracker engine?"

How many quarts of engine oil does a 1988 Suzuki Samurai need for an oil change?

4 quarts

Can a 2.2 engine fit in a 2.4 liter Chrysler Cirrus?

There isn't a 2.2 that is a direct replacement for the 2.4There isn't a 2.2 that is a direct replacement for the 2.4

What weight oil does a 1997 suzuki samurai pickup 1.3l engine use?

SAE 10w30 conventional or synthetic.

Does 1986 suzuki samurai have non-interferance engine?

yes, all 8v are free running. (SOHC)

Why would the oil pan sump on a 1986 Suzuki Samurai four wheel drive with a 1298 cm 3 Eng be facing the front?

1298's never came in 86 zuks. The engine is out of a 90+ samurai or a suzuki car.

What is maruti suzuki ye3 model?

the new maruti 800 replacement car with old engine

Does a suzuki baleno 2001 1.8 have timing belt or chain?

It's a Chain Driven J18A Suzuki engine Dohc, there is no interval for replacement of the chain but if it starts to rattle the Chain guides want renewing which are easy to source through either your local motor factors or direct from suzuki. This engine has been identified as an "interference type engine" meaning if the chain snaps you stand a high chance of piston to valve damage.

What engine can you replace with your 2.6l out of your Chrysler new yorker?

There is no other direct replacement.

Will a V6 2010 jeep motor fit in a Suzuki samurai?

If you can fit a V* in it, you can put a v6 in it!! The 4.3L Chevy engine fits too!!

What type of oil for transmission manual 1988 Suzuki Samurai?

GL-5 for gear oil and for engine oil use 10W-30

How many quarts of engine oil does a 1983 Suzuki Samurai need for an oil change?

Mine takes 5qt. But check the dipstick it will tell you when its full.

What are the Suzuki samurai valve adjustment specs?

Hot adjustment on the 1.3 engine is .009-.011 clearance on the Intakes, and .010-.012 clearance on the Exhaust valves

Is a 1991 Fuel injected Festiva engine a direct replacement for a 1989 Fuel injected Festiva engine if both have automatic transmissions?

Yes, it is.

What suzuki motorcycle engine has an engine with v719 as the prefix?

Suzuki gsf1200 bandit

How do you install throw out berring in a 91 suzuki samurai?

The throwout bearing is located in the bell housing of the transmission. You will need to remove the transmission from the engine block in order to access the throwout bearing.I highly recommend all Suzuki Samurai owners download a FREE copy of the factory Suzuki shop manual from the Suzuki Download Archive at Did I mention these are FREE?Another rich resource for Suzuki owners is the Zukikrawlers forum at The good folks that live at this Suzuki site are the world's friendliest and most helpful. Try 'em - you'll want to move there! :-) zn

Where can I find a photo or diagram of a Suzuki 1.3 engine without the timing cover on I need to see where things go?

Everything you ever needed to know about the Samurai can be found in the Suzuki Service Manual. A FREE copy can be downloaded from zn

Is the tracker 2.0L engine a suzuki engine?

Can a 2001 Suzuki Vitara 2.0 Engine be swapped with a 2001 Chevy Tracker engine?

Can a 1800 16 valve and automatic with overdrive from a SideKick or Tracker be installed in a Suzuki samurai What would be involved in this conversion?

The Sidekick 1.6 Liter 16 Valve conversion is by far the most popular. The 1.8 conversion could be done but they only used that engine for a couple of years. It is not a popular engine. I have the 1.6 conversion is a 1986 Suzuki Samurai. The major components are: Transmission adapter to connect to the Samurai transmission. Engine mounts from Sidekick Oil Pan and Oil Pick-up needs to be cut down unless the Samurai is raised to allow room for front axle. Computer and wiring from Sidekick must be installed into the Samurai. All of the engine controls, air filter, MAF, high pressure fuel pump. There is a speedometer conversion as well. It adds a magnetic (reed) relay to the speedometer and lets the computer know when the car is moving. -EVERYTHING- moves over from the donor vehicle including (most times) the third member gears because they are lower than a Samurai. Samurai=3.73 Sidekick (auto)=4.62 Sidekick (Man)= 5.12 All of these items can be purchased separately from several Suzuki aftermarket suppliers on the web.

What direction does the distributor turn on a suzuki samurai?

First, for future reference, a complete Samurai Shop Manual can be downloaded FREE from The distributor rotor rotates clockwise as viewed from the top. The engine cylinders are numbered 1 - 4 beginning at the front of the engine. The firing order is 1-3-4-2. zn

What year did a suzuki samurai change from a sj410 to a sj413?

In 1986 it became the SJ413. It went from a 1.0 to a 1.3 liter engine and a host of other changes and safety devices to allow for import into the U.S.

What size engine does the 2002 Suzuki Grand-Vitara have?

The 2002 Suzuki Grand-Vitara has a V6 engine.