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Q: Will vortec heads of a 350 fit onto a pre-1994 block?
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Putting 1999 Vortec onto 1984 engine?

it will work I have vortec heads on a 72 400 small block, I had to get the heads reworked for the 400s water ports or steam port and a vortec type style intake will be needed

Will regular 305 heads fit a 350 Vortec engine?

No 305 heads bolt up different then 350 heads If they are 305 vortec they will bolt up. However they do not have the same flow. The 305 vortec head has smaller runners, smaller valves and does not have the same heart shape combustion chamber. Now if you meant the older 305 heads onto a 350 vortce then no they will not. The vortec uses raised runners and the ports will not match. On top of it all the 5.7 vortec has more flow then any other production head. Placing a 305 head in its place would be going backwards.

What does an oil filter screw onto?

The engine block.

Can you swap the heads and intake from a 97 Chevy 350 onto an 86 Chevy 350?

Yes, and it is an upgrade worth the swap. Let me give you a tip. The 97, will have the newer vortec, 1st design. If you can use the marine version of these heads, as they are thicker castings, and will not overhead, or crack on you. This is really a move more for the high performance. Either casting will be fine for street use.

Does a 1997 Chevy 350 vortech have a fuel pump on the block or does it need a block off plate to cover where an fuel pump bolts onto the block?

All 1997 GM vehicles were fuel injected and all had the electric fuel pump mounted in the fuel tank. None had a mechanical fuel pump mounted on the engine block. A 97 Chevy 350 Vortec uses an electric fuel pump and sender assembly in the fuel tank. If it is a true 1997 block, then it doesn't have a place for a fuel pump on the block.

What are the differences between a 1985 4.3L V6 and the newer 4.3L Vortec because i want to supercharge my 85 C10 4.3 but all i can find is S10 4.3 vortec superchargers?

In 1992 GM added a balance shaft to the block to control vibration. Other than that the engine was the same since 1985(aside from intake changes on the CPI models) In late 1995 GM changed the head design allowing it to flow better, making more power. Along with its head change, the way the intake bolts onto the heads changed, making it unique to these newer engines. These are what everyone refers to as the 4.3L Vortec. Even though 1987 and on Truck engines carried the Vortec referance name. The Block however really never changed from 1992. Unless you want to do a complete transformation, to newer engine, wiring, fuel pump, PCM/ECU...... ...then the S10 4.3L Vortec Supercharger is no good to you. However if you search a little more, there is companies that make superchargers for the TBI models. : And for you carburetor guys. :

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Where do you find out what size engine you have on the block it is a Chevy don't know if it is a smaLL Or big block?

Chevy does not cast the block size onto the block. once you see a big block compared small block you will know the difference. at a glance with nothing to compare it to id say look at the head. small block heads have one exhaust port close the ends and two exhaust ports real close together in the middle. the big blocks exhaust ports are evenly spaced and not close together at all. If it is a 350 or smaller it is a small block. If it is a 396 or larger it is a big block except for the 400 which was made in both small block and big block configuration.

Where is a oil filter on a 1986 Honda Accord?

Screwed onto the engine block.

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