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After five years. At least that is how long they kept me in and I paid. It makes no difference if you pay or not. You will still be in Chex systems for at least five years. The only way to get out of chexsystems is to wait the 5 years or file a dispute with either chexsystems or the bank that reported you to chexsystems. There is no guarantee for removal. Paying Chexsystems will NOT remove you. They do however have to make sure their records show that no debt is owed. Chexsystems is a CRA and must adhere to the FCRA. All information on your report MUST be accurate or deleted.

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Q: Will you be removed from ChexSystems even if the balance has not been paid off?
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Can you add your fiance to your checking account even though he is on the ChexSystems?

There are some banks that will aloow this but generally no. Most banks will run all signers on an account and will not allow you to be added to an account if you have been reported to chexsystems, There are some banks that do not use chexsystems at all and others that offer second chance checking.

Is it true that even after you pay the bank you owe that you will stay on Chex Systems for up to 7 years and can't they take you off?

The reporting bank can request to chexsystems to remove you. Chexsystems reports remain for 5 years unless disputed. There is no guarantee for removal. Once the 5 years is up, you should be removed

Can items listed in a ChexSystems or CheckCare report be removed after their inclusion and discharge in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, your information will remain on the ChexSystems database even after a BK discharge. Chex Systems may add a statement to your report showing that the account was included in the BK, but the reality is, they will continue to hold your record until the 5 year term has lapsed.

What banks will approve you even though your in chexsystems in Indianapolis IN?

There are many banks that do not use chexsystems and some that will make exceptions. related question for more information

Are there any banks in California that are non-Chexsystems banks?

US Bank is approving many people in chexsystems. You have to find an " in store branch " not a regular branch. Some locations even have signs that say "chexsystems no problem" I always suggest you call ahead and make sure it is a branch that holds this policy. If you have been reported to EWS, do not apply for an account at Bank Of America. They may open it but will close it at a later time.

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Can you open a savings account if you are on ChexSystems?

Opening A Savings AccountGenerally if a bank uses chexsystems, they will use it to open a savings as well. Sometimes a credit union will open a savings account if you are on chexsystems as long as you are eligible for a membership even if they will not open a checking. Some banks and credit unions do not verify savings accounts through chexsystems so it really depends on the bank or credit union .Right now ING direct is an excellent place if you are looking for a savings ONLY. They will not run chexsystems.related question for more helpAre_there_any_banks_that_do_not_use_Telecheck_or_Chexsystems

You already have an account with us bank even though you are in chexsystems you want to use a new bank none will take you Does'nt your active account prove anything?


If you pay the bank you owe will they remove you from the chex systems?

== == The answer is No. Not unless you call and make a formal request. Even then they will tell you it is up to Chexsystems and it will stay on your credit report for 5 years. Chexsystems will tell you to call the bank. My advice is be clear about what you are paying for, ask questions and get names.

What bank will allow you to open an account even though you are in the Chex System?

AnswerThere are many banks that will open accounts for those in chexsystems. Your options really depend on the state in which you liveBetter Answerpeoplescashsolutions dot com (Peoples Bank in Paris, TX). This bank will give you a 2nd chance even with having bad credit and being on Chexsystems at the same time.Peoples Cash Solutions will not open an account for those that have "fraud" listed on their chexsystems report, however, "account abuse" is not an issue.

Can you open a savings account if you are on chexsystem?

Answer Most banks that use chexsystems will not allow you to open an a savings or a checking account if you have been reported. There are more credit unions that allow those reported to chexsystems to open a savings if you are eligible for membership even if your chexsystems report is stopping you from having a checking with them.There are some Nationwide banks like ING Direct that will allow anyone to open a savings account. They do not use chexsystems at all. Of course ING requires a person to link to an existing checking account. Chances are a person on ChexSystems doesn't have any kind of bank account nor can they get one. So pursuing opening an account with ING is not possible.Paying the debt owed to the reporting bank will NOT remove you from chexsystems. Many times paying off a debt that is owed to the reporting bank(s) can cause you to be reported even longer. The bank or credit union is allowed to report you 5 years from the last date that the account was paid on/or paid off.AnswerEventually it will just be easier to pay off the bank that put you on chexsystems in the first place. Often people get into trouble with overdraft fees, particularly before the 2010 laws, but they still owe the money, and there is really no way out without settling up with that bank.

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Where can you get a savings and checking account if you are listed on Chexsystems?

It really depends on where you live as to what your options are. There are nation-wide banks that can help as well. Try Chase - they let me get an account online even though I had on my ChexSystems a "fraud suspicion" from BoA. I have also heard that if you try for a joint account on Wells Fargo's website that you have a pretty good chance of being allowed an account.

Is Chexsystems subject to the Fair Credit Reprorting Act rules as other credit reporting agencies?

Yes. Even though Chexsystems focuses on providing one's historical checking and savings activities to commercial banks and credit unions, in 1999 the organization was categorized by the government as a credit reporting agency. Accordingly, they are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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If you owe NOTHING, it will not hurt your credit but may still prevent you from opening a checking account for up to 5 years.

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