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check your governor on driver side of trans. gear might be broken or worn

Are you hooked up to Cable or Satellite? Try satellite then down shift into 1st before going into 2nd.

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Q: With TV cable adjusted properly what would cause a 700r4 to not shift into second when full throttle?
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What is the Throttle valve in a TH700 R4 Automatic Transmission?

The throttle valve in a 700r4 is what controls the hydraulic pressure in your transmission if it is not hooked up or adjusted properly it will burn up your transmission

How do you adjust a 700r4 transmission?

kickdown cable. it connects to the linkage on the carb's throttle. as the throttle goes in the kickdown goes out.

Can you install an early model chev small block in a 92 Chevrolet trk and still have the 700r4 trans work properly?

Yes, a 700r4 will allow up to a 400ci sbc.

Will a 700r4 out of trk fit a 700r4 camaro?


What do you change to put a th400 in place of a 700r4?

Probaly the only thing that will need to be changed is the length of your drive shaft. Usually a 700r4 is longer than a turbo400. Also, the slip yoke on the driveshaft for the output shaft on the TH400 is larger in diameter than the 700R4. You will need to install an electric kick down switch in the throttle linkage for passing gear on that TH400.

Will a 700r4 from a 1991 firebird replace a 700r4 in a 1992 roadmaster?


Will a 83 gm 700r4 work in a 87 gm with a 700r4?


How do you turn you 700r4 transmission into a 4l60e?

You can't. No matter what you do to it. It will always be a 700R4

What causes a 700r4 transmission to jerk?

it probly needs a rebuild fresh clutches and so on,maybe a pressure control solenoid,convertor could be on it's way out and heating up too much or it could just be that your kickdown cable isn't properly adjusted which is a common problem which generally leads to the transmission burning out the direct clutches and needing to be rebuilt

What trucks have the 700R4 transmission?

I think it was from 1988 through 1992 used the 700R4

Can a 700r4 transmission bolt to a 87 305?

Yes...and most of them came with the 700r4. If it wasn't originally equipped the 700r4 then you may have to change the tranny cross member.

Does a 700r4 transmissions fit a 94 z28 camaro?

the one that comes in a 94 z is a 4l60e but you can fit a 700r4 into the 94 z i currently have a 94 z with a 700r4 in it . if you put this in theres a few things that you should look into #1 the tv cable it controls the shifts of the 700r4 like when you floor it it increases the pressures holding the clutches and downshifts . #2 the lockup whick you can figue out with a switch and some wireing. search around on the forums for more on this i accually found diagrams on how to set up the switch. if you don't set the tv cable right you can burn up the 700r4 in less than a couple of hours. make shure u accually hook it up to do it on an lt1 the easyway i found is to swp throttle bodys with a 93 that had a tpi motor 700r4 already in it. you can buy aftermarket things from lokar and such that will accomplish the same things.

Are a 4l80e and a 700r4 compatible?

NO, Not even close. The 4L80E is an electronic / computer controlled transmission. The 700R4 is not.

What is the Transmission fluid capacity for a 1989 700r4?

what is the transmission capacity for a 1988 700r4 with transfer case

What kind of transmissions can you use with Chevy 350 automatic?

turbo 350 or 700r4 turbo 350 or 700r4

Will a Chevy 283ci bolt up to 700R4 auto trans?

Yes unless the 700r4 came behind a 2.8

Is a 4l60E the same transmission as a 700R4?

NO.. Not even close. The 4L60E is a computer controlled transmission/ELECTRONIC transmission and the 700R4 is not.

What is needed to use a 76 chevy 350 with a 83 700r4 trans?

drive-shaft shorten also: make sure the tv cable is installed and properly set.

Can a 4L60E be turned into a 700R4?


Is a 4l60e the same as a 700r4?


87 tpi with a 350 tranny wont down shift when giving full throttle?

The th350 tranny was not stock to the car, rather it was a 700r4. Either a new kickdown cable is needed for the conversion or adjustments made to the existing cable.

What transmission is in a 1991 suburban 700r4 or 4L80?

If it's a 1/2 ton then it will be a 700R4. 3/4 ton will have a 4L60E.

1991 Chevy silverado 1500 2wd 5.7 v8 automatic what transmission is on it 350 400 or 700r4?

That would be the 700R4

What 700r4 transmissions will fit 1987 Chevy Caprice?

all 700r4 transmissions that have cable driven speedometers and are 2 wheel drive will fit all 700r4 transmissions that have cable driven speedometers and are 2 wheel drive will fit

What is the difference between 4L60E transmission and a 700R4?

The E in 4L60E stands for ELECTRONIC and the 700R4 is NOT ELECTRONIC controlled. But the 4L60E is. Therefor they will NOT interchange.