Women in the colonial period?

The first women arrived in James town in 1619. There was a raw society as there were outnumbered by men. Free women were able to enjoy many more business and agricultural opportunities. They lived a rigorous lifestyle with social advantages because there were so few of them. Women were busy in daily traditional roles as they worked in the house, farm, cared for their children, and made clothes from scratch. Aside from these roles midwifery was their main jobs. She-merchants had access to the court system in America and could run their husbands' errands.
African women had domestic positions, and many of them were slaves who lived in the homes of their mistress' or masters. They would work routinely throughout the day tending their own gardens, rice, and indigo crops. They also sewed their own clothes for themselves and for their families and cared for children. Young women would even begin working part-time beginning at the age of seven or eight and working full-time at the age of thirteen.