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It could cause it. It could be something else though. It could also be a worn-out tensioner.

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2004 Pontiac grand am with a front tires vibrate when breaking?

Warped rotor. Remove and have it turned, or replaced.

Will a Catalytic converter in a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville cause your car to vibrate and stall?

Yes, a catalytic converter can cause a vehicle to vibrate and stall. It will do this when it gets plugged because it causes the fuel mix to be disturbed.

Why does dry ice vibrate when it touches metal?

because the ions are reacting with each other. The molecules from the metal which are the metallic atoms and the water molecules are reacting which cause them to vibrate. The reaction can either be pulling the molecules closer or pushing the moleules apart.

Which state do the molecules vibrate?

They vibrate in all states.Solid - barely vibrate at allLiquid - vibrate a littleGas - vibrate a lot

Can an iPad vibrate?

No, an iPad doesn't vibrate

How do you use the word vibrate in a sentence?

The piano strings vibrate when struck. The singer's vocal chords vibrate when she sings. The flag pole will vibrate when struck by lightning.

What is the sentence for vibrate?

I set my cell phone to vibrate.

Can your iPad vibrate?

Yes, All iPad's can vibrate.

Why does your groin vibrate?

Someone is ringing you, you have your phone on vibrate.

Why does your 2000 Chrysler sebring lxi vibrate really bad when all the lights are on at night when you stop?

You may want to check your alternator to make sure it is producing enough charge to run everything at night.

Why do hamsters vibrate?

hamster's vibrate when they are really frighten or cold

How fast does light vibrate?

Well, it can vibrate very fast.

What is the abstract noun for vibrate?

the abstract noun for vibrate is vibration

How does a pencil vibrate?

pencils vibrate when someone moves it or shakes it.pencils also vibrate when there's an earthquake.

Should the ignition coil vibrate?

No, they do vibrate to a degree as they are generally mounted to the engine and it vibrates but it should not vibrate due to its operation.

How does the strings vibrate in a violin?

They vibrate because when you slide the ~bow~ across the strings it makes them vibrate or go like this. but u will have to make the bow let go of the violen to make it vibrate

Why does your car vibrate when you turn on the radio?

Turning on the radio will not cause your car to vibrate. The only thing I can think of that would even be remotely possible is that the alternator is barely working enough to keep the battery charged. The extra load of the radio could possible cause the engine to miss. This is highly unlikely, but remotely possible. Have the charging system checked.

Do palm piolits vibrate?

Stand alone Palm Pilots do not vibrate, however smart phones that use Palm OS can vibrate.

Can chocolate vibrate?

the atoms, like all atoms, in chocolate can vibrate because atoms are always moving. but you wouldn't see it vibrate

Why do particles vibrate?

Particles vibrate because of heat being present

Why do your guinea pigs vibrate?

When they vibrate it is one of the ways they show that they are contented.

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