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It may not appear to be a life to you, but this man took an oath when he got married and you don't know for sure if he's really fallen out of love with his wife. When you have kids it's a huge responsibility and he wants to see it through and I admire him for that, but I don't admire him for hanging around with another woman. The ball is in your court. My question is, why would you want a man that has laid it on the line and is going to stay with his wife for the sake of their children? If you think you are any better than his wife, then I would really think about this one again. Many men will grow restless after several years of marriage (and women too) and 40 years old is the magic number here. The person isn't a kid, but not that old either. Some people flow together like one river in partnership into old age, while some couples just have to find out if they "still have it" to attract the opposite sex or travel and fill some void in their lives. Remember, if he cheated on his wife, he could cheat on you. Marcy

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That is something only he would decide or know.

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