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no it would no be worth the cost to change you would need to install a clutch pedal a hyd master cylinder and slave cylinder for the clutch as well as change the fly wheel on the motor and possibly the starter as well install a shifter and linkage it would run into about 1500 dollars or more to do this conversion. most people go from standard to automatic it is a little less things that get changed but on a front wheel drive it would be very costly.

AnswerSaying that it isn't worth it is a very inappropriate answer. You have to weigh what you want from the vehicle against the costs. Yes, it will run him probably $800-$1500 or less, but if you choose to have a highly performance tuned engine, then having a manual transmission for both it's increased strength and control of the vehicle might be considered "worth it". AnswerIt would be more cost effective to sell your auto and buy a manual. Answerno Honda "performance" engine is going to be in an automatic car to begin with. Sell the car and buy a manual tranny car and be happy. AnswerIt depends on how customized the car is. If the guy's put a lot of time and money into fixing the car up and he's generally happy with it (except for the transmission), then yeah, changing out the trans wouldn't be unreasonable. If the car's white with stock interior, definitely just trade it in on one with a manual. Besides, if he tries selling the car and it is really Fast and Furious, the people who want a car like that are gonna take one look and think the same thing the poster is: "what's this automatic ****?"

The procedure's simple to understand: buy a wrecked car, park it next to yours and transfer everything under the hood, plus the pedals, shifter, computer and (probably) console, from the wreck to your car. Figure two to three months if you've got plenty of tools.


It is worth it imo i did it on my 03 civic ex and cost my 400 dollars to do it and i installed everything myself. but if you don't like the auto go on civic forums and find used parts that's the best way to go. U can always find good deals on parts.

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Q: Would it be worth it to change an automatic to a manual in a 1999 Honda Civic and how much would it cost?
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