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Would the father of your child who you have been with for 2 years and has had made many phone calls to his ex and received sexy messages from her be cheating?


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Umm I would say so why else would she be leaving a sexy message on his machine..? You might want to ask her! When two people are dating steadily, living together or married then their past should be behind them and this means ex's! Sounds like your boyfriend feels hemmed in and is immature and doesn't like being tied down and being a daddy. Don't sit back and take this. Prepare yourself and make a plan (before you say anything to him) as to how you are going to live with your child. Perhaps move in with your parents, relative, friend until you can get your feet on the ground. Many young, single moms work. Then nail this loser to the wall and kick his butt out the door! Don't even bother contacting his ex because it isn't worth the misery and they deserve each other. Let HER have all the problems. Once a cheater usually always a cheater! Good luck hon (you can do better!)