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That is far better than ignoring the weight problem, but exercise will help speed the weight loss process and it will build/maintain muscle tone. Fat is burned in the muscles, it doesn't just disappear. Without good muscle tone you don't really have anywhere for the fat to go.

Answeryea, that makes sense. but is 800 calories too little? will it cause muscle loss instead? i'd think it's better to remain sedentary. at least then fat cells can be lost because of the high protein diet. besides i'd see it as a challenging thing to exercise during a 800 calorie, high protein, low carb diet. please enlighten me if I'm wrong!
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Q: Would you ever reach a weight plateau if you go on a high protein and low fat and low carb diet between 800 to 1000 calories daily without exercise and will you maintain muscle cells?
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What does it mean when you plateau when dieting?

It means that you reach a point where you no longer continue losing weight. This usually happens when you don't vary your calorie intake or exercise regime enough. To avoid a plateau when dieting you should vary your calories by 100-200 calories each day. You should also vary your exercise regime, i.e 20 minutes one day, 40 minutes the next or Cardio one day and Pilates the next.

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Will you reach a weight plateau quickly if you eat 800 calories or less every day and you don't exercise?

No! Everyone on a diet reach their own plateau. It will kick in again. Women require 1200 calories a day to be healthy and exercise is a must! If you don't use it you lose it and that includes the heart. If you exercise then you know muscle weighs more than fat, but what many people don't realize is when they pack on the required amount of muscle for their body size they look great and even though they hoped to be approx. 120 lbs. - 150lbs. for a woman, and may be 135 lbs. or 180 lbs. take a look at the muscle. Muscle need not bulge! It makes the person look lean and mean. LOL

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Depending on how much you weigh and how you exercise. People you weight more usually burn more calories and lose weight faster, and then begin to plateau and stay the same weight, in order to lose more weight you'll have to increase the level of exercises to advanced. it also depends if you do light activites , moderate , to heavy activites.

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